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July 12-15, 2022
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7:00 am – 1:30 pm
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National Train‑the‑Trainer Institute:

Presented by the Bureau of Education & Research

Bureau of Education & Research - National Train-The-Trainer Institute

Designed for K‑12 teachers, team leaders, instructional coaches, department heads, mentors, PD trainers, and administrators with Co‑Teaching experience.

Strengthen Co‑Teaching in Your School or District by Developing Your Own Trainers!

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Train your staff members to become skilled Co‑Teaching Trainers who can guide other teachers to more successful Co‑Teaching Practices in any setting

  • The most effective Co‑Teaching Train‑the‑Trainer program available
  • Featuring two of the nation's top Co‑Teaching experts, Anne Beninghof and Sonya Heineman Kunkel

Innovative, Video-Based, Hands-On, Train-the-Trainer Opportunity

  • Turn your staff members into skilled, knowledgeable Co‑Teaching trainers who can guide other teachers in the implementation of effective Co‑Teaching practices in any setting
  • Learn how to use outstanding video to demonstrate Co‑Teaching strategies in practice … Receive a three-year subscription to a complete K-6 or 6-12 video streaming package for use during your own school or district trainings
  • Build Co‑Teaching expertise among staff to increase research‑based inclusive practices within classrooms, schools and entire districts
  • Receive critical information on how to deliver high‑quality, engaging and effective Co‑Teaching training sessions
  • Ideal for schools and districts looking to create a core team of trainers to provide training to build and sustain a model, state‑of‑the‑art Co‑Teaching framework
  • School Administrators, District Leaders, Instructional Coaches, Classroom Teachers, Special Educators, ELL Teachers, Speech/Language Pathologists, Literacy Specialists and any other education professionals involved in co-teaching practices are encouraged to attend

What’s UniqueAabout This National Train-the-Trainer Institute

  • Four days of intensive training combining classroom‑proven strategies and videos of the strategies in action – show rather than tell your teachers what successful Co‑Teaching looks like
  • National Co‑Teaching experts Anne Beninghof and Sonya Heineman Kunkel, both featured in the videos, will provide a comprehensive, interactive and research‑based Co‑Teaching training preparing participants to guide other teachers in the implementation of a successful Co‑Teaching model
  • Work and collaborate in small groups with BER instructors to expand and enhance your understanding of Co‑Teaching strategies specific to grades K‑6 or 6‑12
  • Gain numerous tips and ideas to prepare and deliver high‑quality staff training to strengthen and sustain Co‑Teaching in your school or district
  • Unique and ideal opportunity for schools and districts to strengthen their foundation, expand their knowledge and implement training for more effective Co‑Teaching practices
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Learn and build the necessary foundation for training staff in effective Co‑Teaching practices

Innovative, Video-Based, Hands-On, Train-the-Trainer Opportunity

Participants attending will learn the key components for a successful Co‑Teaching program, which can then be delivered as a professional development framework that fits the schedule according to each school's or district's unique training needs. The following key components are included in this four‑day train‑the‑trainer institute.

What Co‑Teaching Is and Isn't

  • Learn the practical working definitions of Co‑Teaching and the key characteristics for an effective framework that bridges learning gaps
  • Discover what works in establishing Co‑Teaching teams and pitfalls to avoid
  • Use the Co‑Teaching rubric to target professional development needs of your staff and maximize your training resources

Building Powerful Instructional Co‑Teaching Teams

  • Identify specific ideas for defining roles between Co‑Teachers
  • Learn keys to successful communication
  • Gather tools for working together to strengthen your instruction
  • Explore creative ideas for finding time to collaborate
  • Distinguish best practices to tap the expertise of each teacher in the Co‑Teaching partnership

Whole Class Co‑Teaching: Making the Most of Two Teachers in Whole Group Instruction

  • Examine best practices for whole group structures
  • Discover practical strategies to use Co‑Teaching to enhance instructional effectiveness and to meet students at varied readiness levels
  • Target specific teaching strategies to maximize each Co‑Teacher's expertise during whole group instruction

Successful Small Group Practices to Increase Student Outcomes

  • Identify the essential elements of establishing small groups within the same classroom
  • Manage small groups in a Co‑Teaching model
  • Maximize the benefits of small groups with research‑based instructional strategies

Video of Co‑Teaching in Action to Demonstrate Effective Inclusive Practices

  • Best practices for using videos to train others
  • Outstanding training tips and a resource kit to train others (each participant will receive ALL videos specific to their grade level to use in their own training)

Receive Comprehensive Training Resources

All participants will receive a valuable package of resources including:

  • Three-Year Subscription to Best-Selling Professional BER Co-Teaching PD Resource Kit with Streaming Video used throughout the training (choose K-6 or 6-12). Streaming videos contain the video footage needed for a complete Co-Teaching training for your school and district
  • Comprehensive Co-Teaching Digital Resource Handbook filled with material to reinforce and extend learning
  • Detailed Digital Facilitator's Guide and reproducible hand-outs that walk you through the delivery of a powerful Co-Teaching PD
  • An adaptable PowerPoint Slide Deck to assist your presentation team in quickly developing your own school and district training

Seminar Schedule Overview

Program Schedule: 9:00 A.M. – 3:30 P.M. Daily

Tuesday & Wednesday (9:00 A.M. – 3:30 P.M.)

  • Learn the components of effective co-teaching models
  • Discover best practices for using outstanding video to train others
  • Identify key components in building positive Co‑Teaching partnerships along with the pitfalls to avoid
  • Experience numerous, practical strategies that increase learning for students with special needs
  • Learn ways to maximize student participation in Co‑Taught lessons
  • Explore dozens of strategies and activities that can be used to boost student learning and close the gaps due to COVID-19
  • Maximize contributions of all adults in co-taught classes by applying practical tools
  • Identify key presenting skills to deliver high‑quality and engaging Co‑Teaching training sessions
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Thursday (9:00 A.M. – 3:30 P.M.)

  • Explore co-teaching reluctance and conflict along with strategies for overcoming it
  • Discuss key steps leaders can take to move co-teaching forward
  • Break out into smaller groups to discuss issues unique to elementary and secondary classrooms
Friday (9:00 A.M. – 3:30 P.M.)

  • Participants will develop and deliver brief presentations on Co‑Teaching strategies and will receive feedback from the small‑group facilitator
  • Practice presentations will provide the perfect opportunity to listen and interact to deepen understanding, familiarity and confidence with the material
  • Debriefing of presentations and feedback from the lead instructors will strengthen participants' skills in training
  • Participants will leave with a training plan, including videos for grades K-6 or 6-12, and the confidence to implement a state‑of‑the‑art Co‑Teaching training with staff

Featuring Two of the Nation's Top Co‑Teaching Experts

Instructor ImageAnne Beninghof is a dynamic presenter and a pioneer in the area of Co‑Teaching. She presents nationally as well as provides in‑school demonstration lessons on Co‑Teaching and strategies to reach all students, including students with special needs. She is the author of several books on the topic and is featured in the video series, Co‑Teaching in Inclusive Classrooms. Anne focuses on creative, practical solutions for helping all students achieve high levels of learning. You will find her presentations engaging, inspirational and filled with research‑based strategies you can use immediately to strengthen your Co‑Teaching program.
Instructor ImageSonya Heineman Kunkel is an outstanding administrator with more than 35 years of experience working with students with disabilities. Sonya specializes in strategies and modifications for the general and special education classroom as well as collaborative techniques with an emphasis on Co‑Teaching. She is featured in the video series, Using Co‑Teaching to Increase Learning for All Students, Grades 6‑12, and has been honored with many awards including Educator of the Year in her state for her dedication and passion for teaching her students. Sonya is well‑known for her practical, cutting‑edge strategies and brings a sense of humor, enthusiasm and inspiration to her highly organized workshops.

Special Benefits of Attending

Meet Inservice Requirements / Earn State CEUs:
Registrants at Live Online Programs can receive a certificate of participation that may be used to verify twenty continuing education hours. For details about state CEUs available, please visit www.ber.org/ceus or call 1-800-735-3503.

Earn One to Four Graduate Semester Credits :
UMASS LogoUp to four graduate level professional development credits are available with an additional fee and completion of follow up practicum activities. Details for direct enrollment with University of Massachusetts Global, will be available at this program.

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The fee is $1395 per person.
If groups of three or more register at the same time, the fee is $1295 per person.

Live Online Event • Jul 12-15, 2022

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