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Helping Your Struggling Readers Become More Successful Readers: Targeted Interventions that Work! (Grades K-5)

Presented by Kristen Large
Outstanding Teacher and National Presenter

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Specifically Designed for Educators Serving Grades K-5: Classroom Teachers, Reading Specialists, Interventionists, Resource Teachers, Literacy Coaches, Special Education Staff, Title I Staff, Instructional Aides, and Administrators

  • Powerful, timesaving tools to more accurately assess and determine the specific learning needs of your struggling readers including screening for dyslexia
  • Proven, ready-to-use techniques to give your students the specific interventions they need to close the achievement gap
  • Dozens of practical tools and strategies you can use with any text, in any setting, across any content area to help your struggling readers become successful readers
  • Receive an extensive digital resource handbook and a free digital download of seminar materials

Practical Ideas and Strategies

Are you looking for tools to help you better understand and address the specific needs of your struggling readers? In this highly engaging, practical seminar you will gain a wealth of ideas and resources to diagnostically assess, intervene and monitor the progress of your struggling readers. You will learn how to use targeted interventions with “on the spot” teaching tools that work with any reading program. This seminar provides evidence-based interventions you can use immediately that target each reader’s specific needs. You will learn how to use current research and best practices to increase instructional rigor and support critical thinking while addressing the unique needs of your struggling readers. Throughout this action-packed day, you will be given dozens of timesaving ideas to differentiate instruction and actively engage students in activities that accurately target their specific needs. In this fast-paced, highly practical seminar, Kristen Large, a full-time reading specialist, will energize your teaching and renew your sense of purpose. The entire day will be filled with powerful strategies you can use in your classroom tomorrow with students who experience the greatest challenges in learning to read.

Ten Key Benefits of Attending

  1. Use Targeted Interventions to Better Meet the Needs of Your Struggling Readers
    Learn to match specific, highly effective interventions to students in ways that will quickly improve their skills … Discover timesaving techniques to implement interventions designed to close the reading gap more rapidly
  2. Meet Your Students’ Needs Before They Fall Too Far Behind
    Discover proven ways to intervene with your students and strengthen their literacy learning BEFORE they fall too far behind … Dozens of on-the-spot instructional ideas to address the specific needs of students who struggle to read
  3. Boost Your Struggling Readers’ Confidence and Skills
    Learn practical ways to make every minute count by using techniques to ensure struggling readers’ success … How to rapidly increase skills by building on success, one step at a time
  4. Use Practical Diagnostic Assessments
    See how to use practical diagnostic assessments to plan instruction that meets each student’s needs … Step-by-step ideas to identify and address the diverse needs of struggling readers
  5. Elevate the Effectiveness of Guided Reading
    Discover proven strategies to integrate differentiated interventions into your guided reading lessons … Tips for targeting the individual needs of your students while still working with a guided reading group
  6. Minimize Your Paperwork and Maximize Your Instructional Impact
    See quick, effective ways to monitor student progress throughout the intervention process … Receive a wealth of easy-to-use documentation forms that work!
  7. Use Technology to Strengthen Progress for Struggling Readers
    Increase your instructional power with struggling readers by using free, web-based technology … Tips and tools that utilize technology that “trick” your struggling readers into practicing targeted skills by playing games!
  8. Scaffold Your Struggling Readers into Critical Thinkers
    Choose from dozens of quick, effective comprehension and metacognitive strategies to help your struggling readers develop deeper levels of understanding … Powerful tools that can be adapted to meet each student’s needs
  9. Strengthen the Reading Achievement of Your Struggling Readers with Formative Assessments
    Learn how to use quick, highly effective formative assessments to informally assess, document and inform instruction for struggling readers … Timesaving techniques that positively impact student achievement
  10. Receive an Extensive Digital Resource Handbook and Online Resources Packed with Targeted Reading Interventions
    Receive a comprehensive digital resource handbook with a wealth of strategies that can be implemented immediately in any instructional setting … Also receive a free digital download packed with editable open-ended forms and activities to help target your interventions to meet your students’ specific needs

Outstanding Strategies You Can Use Immediately

  • How to target your reading instruction to address struggling readers at their level
  • Effective dyslexia screener and reading assessments to guide targeted intervention
  • Key steps for designing intensive interventions to increase progress for struggling readers
  • Tips for implementing on-the-spot instructional activities throughout the learning day
  • How to use technology as a powerful tool to achieve greater progress for students who struggle to read
  • Simple methods to motivate and engage even your most reluctant readers
  • Specific techniques to fit the five key components of reading instruction into your work with struggling readers
  • A wealth of techniques to positively impact student progress in learning to read
  • Proven methods to maximize your limited instructional time
  • Effective ways to link assessment and instruction to scaffold student learning
  • Quick-and-easy progress monitoring techniques to effectively document your interventions
  • How to efficiently analyze your assessment data to plan the most effective interventions
  • Ready-to-use strategies to reach your most at-risk readers earlier and faster
  • The essential keys to match interventions to the specific needs of your students
  • Techniques to fine-tune your literacy program so it functions at a maximum level all day
  • How to design “just right” and “just-in-time” interventions that work
  • Step-by-step ways to teach combined strategies for increased retention and achievement by embedding comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, phonics, and phonemic awareness into your lessons

A Message From Your Seminar Leader

Dear Colleague:

I feel fortunate that in my career as an educator I have had the opportunity to serve in a variety of roles that support students, fellow teachers, and parents. As a reading specialist, I have had the opportunity to work with my teaching colleagues to coordinate effective reading programs and to support learning both in the classroom and in the intervention setting. However, my most rewarding experiences have come from my time as an interventionist working with struggling readers. My passion for teaching is renewed each time a child feels the joy of success.

As someone who works with students on a daily basis, I am excited by the progress my students are making. I see the gains my students make, the confidence they build in themselves as readers and the ways in which practical, targeted interventions can effectively prevent students from falling too far behind. It is my pleasure to share a wealth of ideas, tools and techniques to target and meet the needs of your most struggling readers.

Throughout this fast-paced day, I will provide you with practical, efficient, and effective reading strategies that can be implemented in any instructional setting. We will focus on how phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency impact your students’ achievement. All of these highly effective interventions will work with any reading program you are currently using! In addition, I will share manageable data collection systems that will help you keep track of your students’ progress in order to maximize their learning time.

Please join me for a high-energy day filled with practical strategies, activities, tips, and tools you will be eager to implement in your classroom. I look forward to sharing this day with you!

Kristen Large

P.S. You will leave with an extensive digital resource handbook and free digital downloadable materials filled with “go-back-and-do” ideas and strategies to help target and significantly increase the reading achievement of your struggling readers

Who Should Attend

Educators serving grades K-5: Special Education Teachers, General Education Teachers, Reading Specialists, Title I Teachers, School Counselors, School Psychologists, and Administrators

Special Benefits of Attending

Extensive Resource Handbook
Each participant will receive an extensive digital resource handbook giving you access to countless strategies. The handbook includes:

  • A wealth of targeted interventions designed to help struggling readers become more successful readers
  • Quick-and-easy, ready-to-use assessment techniques to effectively document your interventions and plan your reading instruction
  • Practical ways to maximize your time for reading interventions
  • Proven ways to implement intensive, “just-in-time” interventions to significantly boost the skills of your most struggling readers
  • Outstanding ideas to increase learning and motivate your struggling readers
For in-person seminars, registrants will also receive a printed copy of the resource handbook as long as their registration is received in the BER office at least 15 calendar days before the event.

Share Ideas with Other Educators
This seminar provides a wonderful opportunity for participants to share ideas with other educators interested in increasing the behavior and learning of their students.

Consultation Available
Kristen Large will be available to answer your specific questions and the unique needs of your own program.

Semester Credit Option
UMASS Logo Up to four graduate level professional development credits are available with an additional fee and completion of follow-up practicum activities. Details for direct enrollment with University of Massachusetts Global, a nonprofit affiliate, will be available at this program.

Meet Inservice Requirements
Participants of both the Live Online Seminar and those completing the Recorded Version online can receive a certificate of participation that may be used to verify five continuing education hours. State CEUs are available for both versions of the course. For specific details, visit www.ber.org/ceus.

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