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ENHANCE YOUR STUDENTS' USE OF THE TARGET LANGUAGE: NEW, Innovative Strategies That Work (Grades 6-12)

Presented by Janice Kittok
Award-Winning World Language Teacher and Presenter

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Specifically Designed for World Language Teachers, Department Heads and Administrators Serving Middle Schools and High Schools

  • Dozens of ideas for going beyond comprehensible input to student language output in getting your students writing and speaking in the target language
  • Classroom-tested strategies for helping students feel more comfortable speaking and writing in the target language without forcing production
  • Proven techniques for using high frequency vocabulary and structures that get your students communicating earlier and progressing to higher levels of proficiency faster
  • New, innovative ideas for teaching global issues and target culture topics that give your students something interesting to read, write and talk about

Practical Ideas and Strategies

ACTFL recommends that language educators and their students use the target language as exclusively as possible (90% plus) at all levels of instruction during instructional time and, when feasible, beyond the classroom.

– ACTFL Position Statement

Today’s professional standards set a high bar for world language teachers. This seminar will go beyond talking about topics to showing you HOW to utilize the techniques and strategies yourself. In this seminar, award-winning world language teacher Jan Kittok models strategies that will get your students using the target language with greater confidence. While many seminars focus solely on comprehensible input (CI), Janice will show you how to go beyond CI to address student language output. How do we get the output out once the input is in? This seminar answers that question, showing you how to create engaging activities and a supportive learning environment that invites students to take risks using their new language in meaningful and creative ways. Every strategy is followed by research-based in-sights and step-by-step explanations so you can immediately adapt ideas to your own world language classroom.

Ten Key Benefits of Attending

  1. Create a Learning Environment Where Students Love Using the Target Language
    Learn proven techniques to get your students speaking and writing by establishing a supportive online or in-class learning environment, helping them to develop the develop the skills to communicate with confidence
  2. Motivate and Engage Reluctant Language Learners
    Nothing motivates like success! Students engage when they understand what is going on and they are able to complete tasks on their own … Discover practical ways to promote early success for your language learners
  3. Design Activities Aligned with Your Students’ Language Skill Levels
    Students confidently engage in speaking and writing activities when instruction has prepared with the skills needed for success … Micro-teaching demonstrations and examples will show you practical ways to make smooth transitions from language input to language output
  4. Boost Functional Fluency in the Target Language
    Learn proven ways to tap into the power of music through songs, chants, choral readings, and teacher read-alouds … Learn how attention to the musicality of spoken language accelerates the development of natural language fluency
  5. Guide Students to Construct Greater Meaning of the Target Language
    Discover innovative ways to help your students learn how the language works instead of just learning the rules
  6. Use Classroom-Proven Strategies to Differentiate Your Target Language Instruction
    Provide scaffolding for target language acquisition and output through innovative techniques that match the needs and learning styles of your students
  7. Teach the Target Culture in the Target Language
    Micro demonstrations throughout the seminar will model how to teach both fiction and nonfiction global studies topics in the target language even with novice level language learners
  8. Lower the Affective Filter to Promote Optimal Language Use in Your Classroom
    Learn a variety of strategies to increase the level of comfort and time both you and your students spend speaking the target language
  9. Deepen Your Understanding of the Natural Language Acquisition Process From Input to Output
    Experience firsthand how brain-based learning and second language acquisition theory support all the strategies and techniques presented in this seminar
  10. Receive an Extensive World Language Teaching Digital Resource Handbook
    Each participant will receive an extensive digital handbook filled with dozens of practical ideas and timesaving planning templates you’ll be able to use immediately

Outstanding Strategies You Can Use Immediately

  • Engaging activities that will help you and your students increase use of the target language without forcing language production
  • How to stay in the target language AND have your students understand
  • Highly effective strategies for integrating global studies topics into your language lessons
  • Output activity design tips for guiding students to write and speak with fluency, accuracy, and confidence
  • Structured activities that guide students to stretch their fluency from simple speech to complex and more natural language
  • How to teach topics like history, geography, biography, and global issues in the target language at every level
  • How you can vary task difficulty and the level of student support to scaffold and differentiate their learning experiences with various levels of rigor
  • Innovative whole language techniques that will extend conversations by guiding students towards more sophisticated language use
  • Sheltered language strategies that open the door for teaching target culture content topics in the target language at any level allowing your students to speak and write about meaningful topics in the target language
  • Cutting-edge models and templates that you design instruction to address global competency skills
  • The power of story and narrative contexts to make language comprehensible, accelerate the rate of language acquisition and get students speaking and writing earlier

A Message From Your Seminar Leader

Dear Colleague:

My professional journey as a world language educator has led me to many places and people at just the right time. Throughout the seminar, I will be sharing the many “Aha moments” I have learned along the way with the hope that these insights will also guide you in your journey. My lessons are drawn from a variety of teaching experiences: positions in elementary, secondary and college classrooms, immersion camps, study abroad programs, administration, and teacher training. Like many of you I am adapting everything I do to online teaching.

I am a different teacher today than the teacher I was when I started my career. My teaching took a significant turn when ideas like comprehensible input and methods like the Natural Approach and Total Physical Response were novel and innovative ideas. I worked many years at language immersion camps and studied content-based instruction in my graduate work. In this seminar I’ll be sharing the combination of all of these ideas applied to today’s world language classroom setting. You’ll leave with numerous ideas you can use right away to increase your students use of the target language.

Jan Kittok

P.S. Grab your passport and join me for an idea-packed day trip. Leave room in your bag to return with dozens of fresh, practical ideas for increasing your students’ meaningful use of the target language.

Who Should Attend

World Language Teachers, Department Heads and Administrators Serving Middle Schools and High Schools

Special Benefits of Attending

Extensive Resource Handbook
Each participant will receive an extensive digital resource handbook giving you access to countless strategies. The handbook includes:

  • The key principles of brain-based language acquisition and how they apply for both language input and output
  • Descriptions of all activities presented in the seminar with variations for all levels of instruction
  • Step-by-step guidance for designing lessons based on comprehensible input strategies that lead to successful student output in the target language
  • Timesaving outlines for easy-to-create culturally rich lessons in the target language
  • Unique tips and tricks for teacher success when implementing the strategies demonstrated in the seminar
For in-person seminars, registrants will also receive a printed copy of the resource handbook as long as their registration is received in the BER office at least 15 calendar days before the event.

Share Ideas with Other Educators
This seminar provides a wonderful opportunity for participants to share ideas with other educators interested in increasing the behavior and learning of their students.

Consultation Available
Jan Kittok will be available to answer your specific questions and the unique needs of your own program.

Semester Credit Option
UMASS Logo Up to four graduate level professional development credits are available with an additional fee and completion of follow-up practicum activities. Details for direct enrollment with University of Massachusetts Global, a nonprofit affiliate, will be available at this program.

Meet Inservice Requirements
At the end of the program, each attendee will receive a certificate of participation that may be used to verify hours of participation in meeting continuing education requirements.

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