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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Sarah James is an experienced speech-language pathologist, seminar leader and consultant. Experienced working in urban, suburban and rural public schools, Sarah’s area of specialty is the relationship between speech-language skills and literacy development. She has wide-ranging experience helping SLPs make connections between communication skills and classroom expectations, curriculum targets and state standards. Sarah has been called on as a consultant for school districts around the country where she has offered speech-language pathologists practical and effective strategies for therapy.

Sarah has served as president of her state’s speech-language hearing association and in 2010, they awarded her the Honors of the Association. Sarah is the author of Current, Best Strategies to Help SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGISTS Accelerate Therapy Progress and Academic Success (Grades Pre-K-12). She maintains a private practice offering direct speech, language, literacy, and consultant services and provides seminars for speech-language pathologists throughout North America.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Sarah is a great, knowledgeable speech-language pathologist. She is realistic and keeps the momentum going. She showed us many new resources.”
- Erin Dyckman, Speech-Language Pathologist

“There are so many great resources to take with me and use at school tomorrow. I can’t wait to get started.”
- Holly Woods, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Great speaker and great content. Sarah is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and engaging.”
- Melissa Dane, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Sarah is an engaging presenter and it is very easy to relate to her and all of her experiences in the speech-language field. Her seminar validated what I’m already doing and gave me new, great ideas to use in my future lessons.”
- Denyse Goodman, Speech-Language Pathologist

Excellent, knowledgeable instruction with lots of ready-to-use resources.”
- Rebecca Cosman, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Sarah presented a lot of great, practical, fresh ideas that I can put into use. Great resources to share with teachers.”
- Jeanine Petote, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Sarah presented new and refreshing information and ideas!”
- Katie Carpenter, Speech-Language Pathologist

I really enjoyed Sarah’s seminar. I loved how she explained and reviewed each section and then gave us time to discuss the information and how we can use it in our therapy rooms and schools.”
- Melissa Mangino, Speech-Language Pathologist

“This is probably the best seminar I have attended. Very useful content. I learned apps and technology I was not aware existed.”
- Ingrid Hoffman, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Sarah provided us with such a great deal of information in a way that was not overwhelming at all. She is very relatable. I can truly imagine implementing all of her strategies and am so excited to do so!”
- Rachel Beyer, Speech-Language Pathologist