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About Your Instructor – Katy Weber

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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

KATY WEBER is an engaging and enthusiastic international presenter who believes teachers can successfully work together in co-teaching teams to reach and teach every child. She is an experienced special education teacher, school improvement specialist and educational consultant who has co-taught in a variety of grades. She is the author of Best, Powerful CO-TEACHING STRATEGIES to Accelerate Student Success, the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at her seminar.

Katy is known for her engaging delivery of instruction utilizing differentiated instruction with embedded specially designed instruction explicitly to effectively meet the unique needs of all her participants. Her passion and dedication to reach diverse learners is exemplar. Katy's seminars are engaging, hands-on and collaborative. You will leave this seminar reinvigorated and inspired to use the dozens of innovative strategies to better reach all learners in your co-taught classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Katy presented a great seminar! I really enjoyed learning some more new and interesting strategies to implement in my co-taught classes."
Brittany Miller, Spec. Ed. English Teacher

"Katy's seminar provided practical resources and strategies that can be easily implemented. I enjoyed her upbeat personality and her incorporation of personal experiences to relate to her audience. She 'gets it.'"
Ayanna Giut Brice, Math Interventionist

"Katy is awesome and does a great job delivering the information. She kept us engaged the whole time."
Joe Albano, Spec. Ed. Teacher

"Katy is an excellent presenter. She presented the material in a fun and engaging manner. I loved how she shared her own personal experiences with us."
Melanie McCarthy, Gen. Ed. Teacher

"Katy is a very knowledgeable and engaging presenter."
Cristi Bruce, Spec. Ed. Teacher

"Katy presents an excellent seminar. Many of the points were very suggestive of strategies for working with co-teachers and knowing how to reach challenging students."
Joseph Tirrito, Spec. Ed. Teacher

"Katy is very informative and presents great strategies that can be applied within all of my classroom settings!"
Melissa Welch, Spec. Ed. Teacher

"Katy presents great examples that relate to the classroom!"
Pamela Brown, 1st Grade Teacher

"Katy is an interesting and dynamic presenter. She provides practical resources and good ideas for co-teaching effectively."
Melanie Murphy, Gen. Ed. English Teacher

"Katy's seminar is absolutely fantastic! I am so excited to try these ideas and apply what I've learned!"
Heather Killeen, 6-8 Science Spec. Ed. Teacher