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Featuring Two of the Nation's Experts on Executive Function

Kathy Morris is a teacher and a consultant for behavior disorders and developing self‐regulation skills with over thirty years of experience. She provides assistance and seminars to educators and entire schools throughout the United States. She was named "Outstanding Educator of the Year" in her state and has served as Advisor to the President's Commission on Special Education. Kathy knows what works with students who have difficulty monitoring and adjusting their behaviors, and as a result, have meltdowns, find it hard to get along with others, are unorganized and lack problem-solving skills.

She will give you specific and doable strategies to help these students develop Executive Function skills that make school and learning a more positive experience. Training with Kathy is an inspirational opportunity, filled with practical, creative and ready‐to‐use strategies and ideas not only for supporting your students who need to develop self‐regulation skills to improve their Executive Function skills and success in school but in helping you create a plan to train the educators you work with.

Lisa Rogers is an acclaimed presenter and veteran educator who specializes in teaching students with special needs and who lack Executive Function skills. She has over 20 years of experience both training teachers and working directly with children who exhibit difficult behaviors that prevent them from learning and socializing appropriately with others.

Lisa's extensive experience provides a practical perspective for teaching students who have self-regulation deficits including impulsivity, lack of focus and inability to think and plan actions due to lack of Executive Function skills. Lisa is known for her research-based ideas and practical strategies that you will be able to immediately apply and use when you train others in the major areas of Executive Function.