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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Betsy Stenklyft is a veteran educator with extensive experience working with students and teachers. The mother of three grown children (that counts!), Betsy, spent many years teaching kindergarten, Pre-K and working as an intervention specialist. She has taught in both rural and suburban settings, as well as in predominantly English language learning schools. Beyond the classroom, Betsy has served as a literacy mentor and has consulted with numerous schools and districts.

Like you, Betsy is currently teaching and will need to get a substitute to attend! She understands the real challenges facing teachers today and is passionate about creating success for students, particularly those who start school behind. You will enjoy her fast-paced, light-hearted, and informative presentation style.

Join Betsy for this thought-provoking, practical seminar. You will leave the seminar with an understanding of the readiness gap and with proven strategies that you can implement tomorrow to reach those students who come to school already behind.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Betsy is AMAZING!! So many practical ideas for me to implement in my classroom! Thank you so much!”
Mary Sexton, PreK Teacher

“Betsy offers so much with easy-to-implement suggestions to grow literacy and language with our students. Loved this seminar!
Kateri Neal, ELP

“This is a very pertinent topic for my classroom. Thank you! I appreciated the research and background as well as the concrete examples and practical strategies”
Joby Twigg, Kindergarten Teacher

Great, solid info on research and findings. Very heartfelt and genuine perspective from Betsy. I will definitely be applying lots to my practice. I appreciate that the ideas are easily reproducible and applicable.”
Abra McGuffey, Kindergarten Teacher

“I was so impressed with how approachable Betsy was. She was incredibly knowledgeable about ways to help our students be successful. Great seminar. It was worth writing sub plans for.”
Ashley Lowry, Kindergarten Teacher

“Betsy’s experience is apparent. Her information is so helpful and I will be using many of the ideas I learned today. Thank you!”
Beverly Berkley, Kindergarten Teacher

“Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience. As a veteran teacher I had so many aha moments, and a list of things to change or add to my classroom in the near future. A very enjoyable and valuable day!“
Linda Ferguson, SPED Preschool Teacher

“I love the way Betsy presented all the material. I have lots of great new tools to help my struggling students.
Caren Chambless, Kindergarten Teacher

“Betsy is a wonderful presenter! I am full of new ideas to take back to my classroom! Thank you Betsy!” Wendy Foote, Kindergarten Teacher