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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Kathryn Phillips is a highly recognized international speaker, author, teacher, and behavior expert. With over 35 years of experience in schools, she has worked with thousands of educators in developing comprehensive behavior management procedures and plans using Applied Behavior Analysis. Kathryn’s extensive experience in special education and inclusive classrooms brings the most practical and relevant perspective for intervening with challenging behaviors.

You will receive the resource handbook she wrote specifically for this seminar, APPLIED BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS: Powerful Intervention Strategies To Help You Successfully Manage Students Struggling With Behavioral Issues, filled with strategies, ideas, resources, and checklists you can use immediately with your students.

All of Kathryn’s seminars are fast-paced, energizing and filled with practical strategies to help you work with students who have difficult and challenging behaviors.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Kathryn Phillips is an incredible presenter! I am taking away a multitude of strategic tools to use.”
– Suzanne Rogaeke, Special Education TA

Magnificent! I learned so much! Thank you!”
– Jacelyn Droegmoeller, Dean of Students/Teacher

“This was a wonderful seminar. It was full of practical ideas and strategies that I will take back to school. Kathryn has an engaging presentation style.”
– Lindsey Praino, School Psychologist

I am leaving with many new strategies and resources to take back to my school and use. Kathryn’s experience and expertise added additional support to the concepts and strategies presented in this seminar.”
– Margaret Zappella, Special Education Teacher

“Kathryn is full of many great, new ideas. Thank you!”
– Brittany Ventura, Instructional Aide

“The seminar was presented in an interesting and clear manner. The behavior management skills and strategies can easily be implemented into any class regardless of age level.”
– Elyse Iavarone, Special Education Teacher

Kathryn was a very engaging presenter. I gained a lot of useful information from this seminar.”
– Laura Ferrentino, 2nd Grade Teacher

Very informative and I have learned many things that can be used every day in my classroom! Thank you!”
– Dawn Schnezler, Elementary Teacher

“There are too many useful components of this seminar to list. Amazing!”
– Nicole Hall-Specter, Director of IEP Services

This was an extremely helpful seminar. I can go back and share with others in my school and make a positive change in my teaching style.”
– Cynthia Juns, 5th Grade Teacher

Totally worth my time! Thank you! I have new tools to take back to my school and use immediately!”
– Marie Dionne, Social Worker