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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Jaime Bailey is a dynamic and outstanding national presenter and classroom teacher with years of experience in working with grades K-6 students and teachers. She is an expert in STEM instruction and finding innovative, unique ways to teach students the critical skills they need to succeed and is the author of Using Project Based Learning to Strengthen Your STEM Instruction (Grades K-6), the comprehensive handbook you will receive at this two-day institute.

She is passionate about incorporating STEM instruction using Project Based Learning as an amazing way to capture students’ natural curiosity while teaching them the STEM skills they need to be successful learners. Drawing from her classroom experiences, Jaime’s trainings are filled with highly effective strategies, ideas and tips you can use immediately to lead and support teachers in developing their own STEM instruction.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“I left this seminar with lots to ponder. I have renewed energy for Project Based Learning and a new understanding of STEM. I will be able to improve my students’ learning and my add to my enjoyment of teaching!”
- Dawn Shinn, 3rd Grade Teacher

“This was the best seminar I’ve attended in years. I’m leaving with new tools and ideas to build my STEM curriculum. Jaime is an engaging speaker who knows how to connect with her audience.”
- Sheryl Mills, Science Teacher

“Jaime was incredibly helpful and so willing to answer all of the questions we had. She shared so many great examples and resources. I feel like I am ready to take what I learned and use it in my classroom right away!”
- Erin Simon, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Terrific seminar! I feel very inspired and now have the tools I need to get started in my classroom!”
- Melissa Bickle, 2nd Grade Teacher

“This seminar provided so many realistic goals that I can work towards with my students. I’m leaving with confidence in my ability to implement what I learned in my classroom tomorrow!”
- Karen Hinds, 3rd Grade Teacher

“I’ve learned many new concepts, strategies, and technology skills - all tremendous things for me to bring back to my school for my students!”
- Kathy Martin, 4th Grade Teacher

Jaime is a fabulous presenter. She was able to keep us interested in the content and gave us tons of resources. Such a gem!
- Seema Salgaonkar, Teacher

I’ve attended a handful of STEM and Project Based Learning seminars, and this was by far the most interactive and practical of them all! Jaime is knowledgeable and full of great ideas!
- Rachel Pehle, Computer/Math Teacher

“Jaime is an educator with an abundance of ideas, strategies and resources. She is enthusiastic, fun, innovative, and engaging. Such a fun, hands-on and interactive day - well worth my time!”
- Cara Moore, 1st Grade Teacher