Strengthening Students' Phonemic Awareness, Grades K-1

PD Resource Kit - DVD + Print Resources

About this PD Resource Kit

Phonemic awareness is a powerful predictor of young children's ability to decode printed text. Participants will see kindergarten and first grade students participating in an array of activities and lessons that strengthen children's ability to hear, differentiate and manipulate individual sounds in spoken language. In addition, this PD Resource Kit shows how to engage students with print in ways that further enhance phonemic awareness and support emerging literacy.

Viewers learn how to:

  • make the most of rhyming and alliterative text to increase student awareness of sounds within words
  • help students differentiate words, syllables and individual phonemes in interesting and enjoyable ways
  • select read alouds and songs that promote the growth of students' phonemic awareness
  • increase students' ability to orally blend and segment words
  • effectively use classroom writing experiences to boost students' phonemic awareness
  • maintain young children's attention and motivation while enhancing their ability to hear and manipulate sounds within words

*Includes a comprehensive facilitators guide, DVD video clips and PD resources

Watch an excerpt from this PD Resource Kit:


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