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BER Multi-Day Institutes provide in-depth training for your staff on the topic of your choice presented by outstanding BER Presenters. Institutes can be scheduled on consecutive days or scheduled over weeks or months according to your needs. Optional follow-up consultation and in-class modeling are also available.

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Popular Institute Topics - click on a topic area for more detail

If your preferred topic is not listed, please contact us to explain your training needs. We will work to personalize a conference specific to your goals.

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  • Classroom Management/Discipline (K-6, 6-12, K-12)
    • Working Successfully with Difficult Students
    • Reducing Behavior Problems
    • RTI and Behavior Interventions
  • Common Core Standards (K-5, 6-12, K-12)
    • Providing Leadership in the Successful Implementation of the Common Core State Standards
    • English Language Learners
    • General Math & Guided Math Standards
    • Library Program Standards
    • Literacy Standards
    • Writing Standards
  • Co-Teaching (K-6, 6-12, K-12)
    • Successful Co-Teaching Strategies
    • Co-Teaching that Works: Working Together
    • Co-Teaching Beyond the Basics
  • Differentiated Instruction (K-6, 6-12)
    • Differentiated Instruction Strategies
    • Practical Whole Class Differentiation Strategies
    • Using Classroom Centers to Differentiate Instruction
    • Differentiated Instruction Beyond the Basics
    • Differentiated Instruction by Subject Area or Grade Level
  • English Language Learners (ELL) (K-8)
    • Reading Instruction for ELL Students
    • Adapting RTI Strategies for ELL
    • Working with Paraprofessionals to meet ELL Needs
  • Early Childhood Education(Pre-K, K)
    • Enhance Student Success
    • Build Literacy Skills
    • RTI Strategies: Pre-K, K
    • Kindergarten Strategies
    • Mini-Lessons and Centers
  • iPads & Apps to Strengthen Instruction (K-6, 6-12)
    • Library Media Instruction
    • Music
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Science
    • Students with Special Needs
    • World Languages
  • Kindergarten
    • Common Core Standards
    • Differentiated Instruction
    • Reading & Writing
    • Six Traits
    • Technology
  • Literacy Coaches (K-6)
    • Establishing your role as a literacy leader and navigating the roadblocks to change
    • Collaborative professional learning formats for working with groups of teachers and side-by-side with individual teachers in the classroom
    • Effective coaching dialogue to encourage reflective practice and responsive teaching
  • Math Instruction (K-6)
    • Guided Math Strategies
    • Singapore Math Strategies
    • RTI Math Strategies
    • Differentiating Math Instruction
  • Occupational Therapy (P-12)
    • Assistive Technology Devices
    • Fine Motor Skills
    • Improving the Effectiveness, Efficiency and Impact of Your School-Based Occupational Therapy Services
    • Making Best Use of iPads and Apps in Your School-Based Occupational Therapy Program
    • Visual Perceptual Skills
  • Reading Instruction (K-6, 6-12)
    • Guided Reading Strategies
    • Advanced Guided Reading
    • What Are the Rest of Your Students Doing While You Work with Small Groups
    • Differentiating Reading Instruction
    • RTI Reading Assessment and Interventions
  • Reading Specialists (K-6, 6-12)
    • Differentiated Reading Instruction
    • Research-Supported Model Lessons
    • Scheduling & Student Grouping
    • Implementation of Best Practices at the Schoolwide Level
  • Response to Intervention (K-6)
    • RTI Reading Assessment and Interventions
    • RTI Math Assessment and Interventions
    • RTI Behavior Assessment and Interventions
  • Speech and Language Therapy (K-6, 6-12)
    • Current, Best Strategies
    • Apraxia Therapy Techniques
    • Articulation Therapy Techniques
    • Language Disorders and Treatment
    • Speech Language Pathologists: RTI Strategies
  • Special Education (P-12)
    • Behavior
    • Inclusion
    • iPads, Mobile Devices and Other Cutting-Edge Technology
    • Reading & Writing
    • Paraprofessionals
  • Struggling Readers/Writers (K-6, 6-12)
    • Current Best Strategies
    • Assessment and Interventions
    • RTI Strategies
  • Technology to Strengthen Instruction (K-6, 6-12)
    • Technology Projects to Enhance Content Learning
    • Podcasts, Blogs, and Wikis
    • Web Resources for Teachers
    • Interactive Whiteboard Strategies
  • World Language (6-12)
    • Accelerate Your Students' Use of the Target Language
    • Making Use of iPads and Other Cutting-Edge Technology Tools
    • Reading Skills
    • Spanish Instruction
    • Strategies for Differentiating Instruction
    • Using TPRS to Accelerate the Proficiency of Every World Language Learner
  • Writing Instruction (K-6, 6-12)
    • Six Traits Writing Instruction
    • Differentiated Writing Instruction
    • Writing Mini-Lessons
    • Response to Prompts
    • Multiple Paragraph Essays