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Powerful Strategies for SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGISTS to Teach Vocabulary:
75 Effective Ways that Really Work!

Presented by Patricia Sanford
Outstanding Speech Language Pathologist,
Curriculum Specialist and National Presenter

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Specifically Designed for Speech Language Pathologists Serving Grades K-12

  • Dozens of innovative, highly effective strategies for teaching vocabulary and expanding language skills
  • Proven, high-interest resources and materials for engaging students in expanding their vocabularies
  • Guidance on using the stages of vocabulary development to help students expand their repertoire of words
  • Specific suggestions for helping students with limited vocabulary perform better on high-stakes tests
  • Word games that teach and engage even your most reluctant learners
  • Insights regardingthe impact of state standards on vocabulary instruction
ASHA CEUs Available

Practical Ideas and Strategies

Whether you are interested in taking your vocabulary instruction to the next level or simply wanting to teach vocabulary in the most effective ways that replace groans with smiles, this seminar is for you.

In this highly practical and fast-paced presentation, Patricia Sanford, a speech-language pathologist and curriculum specialist, will provide you with dozens of proven approaches for successfully teaching vocabulary to your students. She will present a wide variety of highly effective materials, activities and strategies designed to motivate your students of all ability levels in large or small groups. These classroom-tested activities are useful in resource rooms, for collaborative teaching and for inclusion programs. You will receive innovative ideas for adding fun and excitement to your current program while increasing your students’ success in learning vocabulary.

Throughout this practical and purposeful presentation, Patricia will share multiple ways in which you can address the importance of vocabulary in helping students meet state content standards and pass high-stakes tests. In addition, each participant will receive an extensive speech-language therapy resource handbook packed full of ready-to-use materials, activities and resources. Best of all, you will leave with a renewed appreciation of words and an eagerness to share that excitement with your students.

Join Patricia for this valuable opportunity to learn over 75 powerful, practical strategies for developing vocabulary and expanding your students’ language skills.

Ten Key Benefits of Attending

  1. Master the Art of Teaching Vocabulary
    Learn about recent innovations, research-based strategies and practical suggestions from leading experts in the field … Succeed in making words meaningful and memorable
  2. Link Timesaving Resources to the Most Effective Vocabulary Instruction
    Take advantage of a wide array of ready-made materials and rich resources to help you teach vocabulary … Books, websites, apps, and resources that are highly effective, user-friendly and engaging
  3. Gain Knowledge of the Critical Stages of Vocabulary Acquisition
    Master the five levels involved in learning a word, from exposure all the way to mastery … See the practical implications this has on instruction and how to tailor your strategies accordingly
  4. Expand Your Collection of Teaching Strategies
    Receive a wealth of student-tested and teacher-approved methods for effectively teaching vocabulary … 75 fun, ready-to-use strategies that really work!
  5. Increase Your Students’ Performance on Standardized Tests
    Find out what data has to say about the powerful impact of vocabulary on test scores … Explore the words – and how to teach them – that are commonly found on high-stakes tests
  6. Teach Your Students How to Master Vocabulary in Content Areas Related to State Standards
    Give your students fun and easy strategies to use in learning the key vocabulary in content areas … Strategies for teaching them what to do when they encounter an unfamiliar word
  7. Identify the Most Important Words to Teach
    So many words, so little time … Discover essential guidelines for choosing words and affixes that will serve your students well
  8. Renew Your Enthusiasm and Motivate Your Students
    See why traditional vocabulary instruction (i.e., “Look it up in the dictionary”) is the quickest way to turn students off … Learn exciting methods to make vocabulary instruction come alive and infect your students with logophilia!
  9. Become the Vocabulary Expert in Your Building
    As SLPs, we are the professionals others look to for guidance and advice about listening, speaking, and vocabulary … Gain a wealth of information and resources to share with your co-workers
  10. Receive an Extensive Vocabulary Resource Handbook
    Whether you are teaching elementary or secondary, learn the keys to scaffolding vocabulary instruction and teaching with the brain in mind … Each participant will receive a valuable resource handbook filled with practical strategies that can be used immediately

Outstanding Strategies You Can Use Immediately

  • Recent innovations, research-based techniques, and 75 easy-to-use strategies for teaching vocabulary
  • Guidelines for identifying the most important words to teach
  • How to tap into a wide array of ready-made materials and timesaving resources to enhance your vocabulary instruction
  • The four components of effective vocabulary instruction
  • Which words are commonly found on high-stakes tests – and how to teach them
  • Why vocabulary development has become a hot topic and a key focus in education
  • Effective ways to use the five stages of vocabulary acquisition
  • Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 words – what they are and why you need to know about them
  • Fun and easy strategies for students to learn content area vocabulary
  • How to scaffold vocabulary instruction and teach with the brain in mind
  • The 20 most used prefixes and how to teach them
  • Which commercial games enhance vocabulary development
  • How to select words for direct instruction
  • Timesaving methods for assessing word knowledge
  • Word games that will engage even the most reluctant learners
  • A keen awareness of the major role vocabulary development plays in our success as lifelong learners
  • Add to your collections of useful websites and apps

A Message From Your Seminar Leader

Dear Colleague:

If we are serious about addressing the language needs of the students on our caseloads and increasing their literacy skills, vocabulary must be cast in a leading role rather than relegated to the chorus line.

When a student has a limited vocabulary, a vicious cycle is put into motion. Attempts at reading often end in frustration due to the number of unfamiliar words on the page. As a result, reading – the single most effective way to improve vocabulary – is avoided, thus guaranteeing an ever-increasing gap between expected and actual word knowledge.

Given the foundational role vocabulary plays in comprehension and communication, it deserves to be center stage – not just in our therapy rooms, but also in regular education classrooms. Fortunately for us, researchers have now identified what effective vocabulary instruction looks like. Teachers and speech pathologists have created a plethora of fun, engaging and effective strategies to teach vocabulary. Gone are the days when teaching vocabulary was the equivalent of telling a curious child to “look it up in the dictionary.”

In this seminar you will be given everything you need to help your students expand their vocabularies: background knowledge, strategies, lesson plans, assessment techniques, materials, and a huge dose of enthusiasm. In addition, you will be provided with methods for casting regular education teachers and parents in supporting roles.

My goal is simple. At the end of our day together, I want everyone to feel empowered, ready and eager to take on the essential task of instilling a love of words in the students we teach. Join me for a fast-paced day packed with dozens of practical ideas you can use immediately for teaching vocabulary in the most effective, efficient ways.

I look forward to meeting you at the seminar.

Patricia Sanford

P.S. The focus of this seminar is not on theory, but on practical, easy-to-implement strategies that work for teaching vocabulary to all students, even your most reluctant learners

Who Should Attend

Speech-Language Pathologists serving Grades K-12.

Special Benefits of Attending

Extensive Resource Handbook
Each participant will receive an extensive resource handbook developed to provide you with the tools needed to implement highly effective vocabulary instruction. Included in the handbook are:

  • 75 easy-to-use strategies for teaching vocabulary – all organized according to stage of acquisition
  • Lists of valuable, timesaving resources
  • Handouts packed with essential information related to vocabulary in formats that are user-friendly and copy-ready
  • Important considerations that highlight the foundational role vocabulary plays in student success
  • Specific guidelines for selecting the words to teach your students
  • Ready-to-use record keeping forms
  • Sample lessons and the materials you need to teach them

This course is offered for .5 ASHA CEUs per day (Intermediate level, Professional area).

On-Site Training Guarantee

BER is not a booking agency that just finds a presenter who presents on the topic you requested. Rather, we only recommend highly experienced BER presenters who have consistently received outstanding evaluations from educators attending their trainings.

Consequently, we provide a strong program guarantee.

We guarantee you’ll be fully satisfied or you’ll owe us nothing after your on-site training event.

Bring this seminar to your school or district!

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