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Practical Strategies to Address the Challenges of Today's SCHOOL NURSE

Presented by Sandra Moritz, M.Ed., BS, RN, NCSN
Pennsylvania School Nurse of the Year, Exceptional School Nurse Trainer

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Specifically Designed for School Nurses, District Nurses, School Health Services Coordinators and Other Staff Working in the School Health Office Serving Grades K 12

  • Utilize tabletop exercises to review your standards and orders during emergencies and urgencies … Examine new guidelines for medical care to respond at the highest level
  • Apply today's research to recognize adverse childhood experiences, anxiety in students and gain mental health strategies to support students who need assistance
  • Update your office environment and supplies so you are ready with what you need when you need it … View the new AED case and trauma supplies
  • Identify rashes and infections of concern including rubella, sepsis, acute flaccid myelitis, and more! Keep the health office as "clean as possible!"

Practical Ideas and Strategies

If you are looking for the current, best ideas and resources to enhance your effectiveness as a school nurse, you will not want to miss this one-day seminar. During this intensive day, outstanding school nurse, Sandra Moritz, will share dozens of proven ways to more effectively address the speed bumps of school nursing to make your practice more efficient as well as safer from hazards and liability. Sandra will share numerous personal tips and practical ideas she has gathered throughout her extensive school nursing experience that will increase your effectiveness.

Research and experience-driven ideas will help you create an atmosphere that reduces the stress from the varied challenges you experience in your role as a school nurse and student health advocate. You'll learn practical ways to more effectively address a variety of today's school health issues including assessments, infection prevention, trauma and injuries.

You'll leave this seminar with an extensive school nursing practice resource handbook as well as dozens of ideas you will be able to use immediately to enhance your practice as a school nurse.

Ten Key Benefits of Attending

  1. Address Unsafe Practice Areas – Reduce Liability in Issues for Today's School Nurse
    Use tabletop exercises as learning tools to avoid negative outcomes
  2. Provide Students with a Trauma-Sensitive and Calming Space
    Make over your office climate with new tools for students struggling with mental health issues
  3. Follow Triage Principles During Mass Casualty Situations
    Prepare for bus accidents, weather related or violent situations, which may occur during the school day
  4. What's in the New AED Case?
    It is now a first aid station where responders get everything they need for true emergencies – in one place
  5. Evaluate Injuries And Burns and Treat with the Latest First Aid Supplies
    Examine products and protocols when students or staff get injured at school
  6. Address the Challenges of Frequently Visiting Students
    Why are they visiting? Sick or not sick? Apply calming strategies in the office to address mental health concerns
  7. Explore Elements of Self Care for the Health Professional
    Treat yourself as well as you treat others with the "silver wings" approach
  8. React to Non-Urgent Situations Commonly Experienced in the Health Office
    Get current tips from recent evidence on pediculosis, Lyme disease and more to assist you in navigating these challenges
  9. Be Prepared for Infections of Concern
    The 3 M's (most contagious, most fatal, most common) infections and strategies to reduce them that are vital to your practice
  10. Receive a Detailed School Nursing Practice Resource Handbook
    Each participant will leave this seminar with an extensive school nursing resource handbook filled with practical strategies, techniques, activities, and resources that can be used immediately in your school health office

Outstanding Strategies You Can Use Immediately

  • Practical ideas that will increase your effectiveness as a school nurse
  • Critical information on reducing violence in your setting and how to respond with trainings specific to this growing concern
  • What every school nurse must know about cardiac and respiratory emergencies, anaphylaxis, asthma, and hypovolemia
  • The essential knowledge to identify and react quickly to infections of concern, including the 3 M's (most fatal, contagious and serious)
  • How to positively and effectively respond to rotating regulars, discern whether they are sick or not, and take effective measures
  • Identify strategies to deal with the pesky pediculosis issue and the mystery of Lyme disease
  • The essential principles of a medical emergency response plan, including strategies to train staff
  • Review real-life situations that have real-life serious outcomes including conditions of cardiac and respiratory nature
  • Effectively employ current first aid protocols in treating burns, fractures and severe bleeding
  • View modeling techniques for splinting and learn serious side-effects in children after an injury at school
  • How to recognize the mysterious symptoms of Lyme disease
  • What's new in equipment for the school nurse's office
  • Practical suggestions to find your passions in school nursing and stay healthy on the job
  • Create fun health events for your students and staff that will motivate them to adopt healthier lifestyles
  • Keep yourself well so you can heal well with mindful methods and fitness suggestions to keep you on the job
  • Engage with others at the seminar to share common challenges and solutions for those working in the school health office

A Message From Your Seminar Leader

Dear Colleague:

As school nurses, we are challenged daily in our school health offices with students and staff who have serious health concerns. As a school nurse with extensive experience in school nursing, I have had many opportunities to address a variety of school health issues. I have created this seminar to help you more effectively address these challenges and gain a new vitality as well as provide practical information for a progressive school nursing practice! School nursing is always in transition. To stay current in our role, standards of care and programs must reflect the latest information and requirements present in our jobs. I have picked topic areas that I believe are relevant, interesting and common challenges for school nurses. My love of teaching health has moved me to create fun and innovative programs that help motivate healthy behavior among students and staff.

Enjoy a day with other school nurses, learn new strategies to handle the challenges of our career and take some time to share practical ways to positively address our common issues. I look forward to sharing my expertise with you and learning of your experiences in our very unique practice of school nursing. We will examine together the standards for a consistent and safe practice. We can only meet the needs of our students and staff if we are taking the best care of ourselves. Wellness tips to avoid common burnout of health professionals will also be presented. My goal is that you leave this seminar feeling refreshed and better equipped to handle the stressors of our career choice of school nursing.

Sandra Moritz, M.Ed., BS, RN, NCSN

P.S. You will receive an extensive school nursing resource handbook containing the above information and more!

Who Should Attend

School Nurses, School Nurse Practitioners, District Nurses and School Health Coordinators, School Nurse Administrators and Other Staff working in the school health office serving grades K-12

Special Benefits of Attending

You'll Receive an Extensive and Comprehensive School Nursing Practice Resource Handbook
You will receive an extensive resource handbook specifically designed for this seminar. It contains strategies, ideas and resources including documents, samples of forms and websites you can use in your school nursing practice.

School Nursing Materials on Display
These include sample nursing interventions and orders, resource books, manuals, and other materials related to health education.

Meet and Share Ideas with Other School Nurses
This seminar provides a great opportunity for participants to meet and share ideas with other school nurses interested in enhancing their skills.

Consultation Available
Sandra Moritz will be available at the seminar to answer questions about your own unique school practice needs.

On-Site Training Guarantee

BER is not a booking agency that just finds a presenter who presents on the topic you requested. Rather, we only recommend highly experienced BER presenters who have consistently received outstanding evaluations from educators attending their trainings.

Consequently, we provide a strong program guarantee.

We guarantee you’ll be fully satisfied or you’ll owe us nothing after your on-site training event.

Bring this seminar to your school or district!

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