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Helping Students Meet and
Exceed Standards

Connecting Grammar, Vocabulary and
Literature for Powerful Writing Results
(Grades 6-12)

Seminar Presented by Mary Ledbetter
National Presenter, Author and Outstanding
Secondary English/Language Arts Teacher

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Specifically Designed for English/Language Arts Educators Serving Grades 6-12

  • Practical strategies to use at every stage of the writing process in order for your students to meet and EXCEED writing proficiency standards
  • Maximize your time and avoid taking home papers to read and grade
  • Work smarter, not harder to motivate your students to become better writers
  • Take your students to the next level of writing with easy-to-use instructional techniques that will work in your classroom with your students
  • Daily warm-up assignments that integrate writing, vocabulary, grammar, and reading skills
  • Literary analysis strategies to strengthen students’ writing and understanding of literature

Practical Ideas and Strategies

Enjoy a day with outstanding secondary English teacher and national trainer, Mary Ledbetter. Not only will you leave her seminar with a wealth of new ideas and strategies to help your students meet and exceed writing standards, but you will also leave with a renewed energy for teaching. Dozens of student samples and models will be shared to demonstrate the steps that lead to improved revising and writing. Mary will demonstrate how to integrate writing, literature, grammar, vocabulary, and assessment in order to eliminate your take-home work. You will discuss and review countless, ready-to-use generic assignments and assessments that will fit right into any curriculum. Each technique and strategy has been classroom-proven and is specifically designed for students in your English/Language Arts classes, grades 6-12.

Ten Key Benefits of Attending

  1. Strategies to Help Your Students Meet and Exceed Writing Standards
    Learn outstanding strategies to strengthen your students’ achievement in writing … Practical approaches that will lead to improved student performance on state-mandated tests and on AP exams
  2. Timesaving Strategies for Reducing Your Paper Load
    Dozens of specific ways to decrease your paper load while increasing student demonstration of effective writing and analysis of literature … Practice techniques that will “open up” class discussion leading to oral assessments that can be recorded in your grade book
  3. Incorporating Effective Practices to Connect Grammar with Reading and Writing Skills
    Use practical techniques to integrate, rather than isolate, grammar and writing skills … Take a wealth of specific examples to successfully incorporate grammar into your daily lessons
  4. Integrating the “Method of Elaboration Rubric” into Writing
    Extend your students’ writing skills with specific methods from the Elaboration Rubric that apply to any mode of writing . . . See for yourself how the inclusion of a number of these methods can raise students’ grades on state-mandated writing tests at least two levels
  5. Streamline Your Teaching of Literary Analysis with Specific Steps
    Study sample student responses as well as the steps necessary to create a polished final product … Use the “literary analysis web” requiring quoted support, a structure rubric, response sheets, and countless more techniques that define a quality written product … Gain tips for well-blended quote inclusion and proper documentation
  6. Using New Student-Interactive Rubrics that Require Student Self-Evaluation
    Make revising more than a “checklist” … Practical, easy-to-use rubrics that require your students to show “proof” a skill is present in their work … Help students develop their rough drafts into finely crafted pieces using student-interactive rubrics
  7. Increasing Student Performance Through “Learning Cards”
    Practice techniques for introducing literary works through discussions … Use “learning cards” in a variety of ways to assess student responses … Incorporate new strategies for student interactions that lead to increased student performance and participation
  8. Exploring New Vocabulary Lessons
    New methods to expand your students’ use and understanding of vocabulary … Take home numerous ideas to enhance and expand vocabulary development
  9. Maximizing Student Achievement Through Activities to Engage and Motivate Your Students
    Learn a variety of ways to help your students make the real-life connection between their lives and reading and writing … Scores of strategies to engage and motivate your students … Techniques that will bring out the hidden potential in all your students
  10. Using “Dailies” to Increase Student Discussion of Literary Excerpts
    Implement the use of “dailies” as a way to elicit responses from all your students … Strategies for making the reading, writing and grammar connection an easy-to-implement, daily practice to further develop your students’ skills in literary analysis

Outstanding Strategies You Can Use Immediately

  • Highly effective strategies to increase your students’ writing skills
  • Maximize your class time to avoid take-home work
  • Dozens of timesaving techniques for organizing, integrating and simplifying grammar and vocabulary instruction
  • How to use “circle response groups” to implement partner and peer editing that really work
  • How to hold your students responsible for revising their work through class discussion and debate
  • Time-efficient techniques to take writing, literature and grammar from traditional seatwork to active student participation
  • Student-interactive rubrics geared toward every mode of writing, covering skills from varied sentence structure to methods of elaboration
  • How to focus on steps in teaching literary analysis with both short answers and essays
  • Numerous student and teacher samples and the steps necessary to take your students’ writing to a quality polished product
  • Discover how to use “success folders” to stimulate writing using popular culture, quote interpretations, pictorials and more
  • New assessment techniques that allow students immediate feedback from classmates – oral feedback that can double as daily assessments
  • How “learning cards” can be used in your classroom as a fun method of grading students
  • How to equip your students with graphic organizers such as the “literary analysis web” to use with short answers or entire essays
  • Literary assignments involving plot vs. theme, personalized inference and sequencing strips that will increase student understanding and response to literature
  • NEW engagement strategies that will motivate your students and serve as an introduction to your lesson for the day
  • How to leave paperwork behind while raising the quality of your students’ work

A Message From Your Seminar Leader, Mary Ledbetter

Dear Colleague:

I once had the honor of meeting Ray Bradbury. He was as inspiring and intelligent as his work. For those of us curious about his writing process, he said “A story is only valid when it is immediate and passionate—when it dances out of your subconscious.” He went on to say that “there’s no difference between a short story and life.” With that in mind, shouldn’t our goal as educators be to help our students realize the real-life connection between writing, literature and their lives?

During this seminar we will discuss dozens of engagement and motivational techniques to use in your classroom that will greatly increase the quality of your students’ writing. We will explore NEW strategies that focus on literary analysis. I will introduce student-interactive rubrics that require students to re-evaluate their work, to go into the piece on a deep revisionary level, thus producing more sophisticated products. Numerous methods of integrating writing, literature, grammar, and vocabulary will be shared, along with the steps for implementation in your classroom.

You will leave this seminar with take-home, ready-to-use generic assignments that will be applicable to any lesson. Perhaps one of the most important benefits is that you’ll find creative ways to leave your papers at school while improving the quality of student work!


Mary Ledbetter

P. S. The focus of the day will be on classroom-proven strategies you can use immediately to strengthen your students’ writing skills, while reducing your work load at the same time!

Who Should Attend

English/Language Arts educators serving grades 6-12: Classroom Teachers, English Department Heads, Instructional Aides, Curriculum Specialists, and Administrators.

Special Benefits of Attending

Extensive Resource Handbook
Each participant will receive an extensive resource handbook, HELPING STUDENTS MEET AND EXCEED WRITING STANDARDS: Connecting Grammar, Vocabulary and Literature for Powerful Writing Results (Grades 6-12). Specifically designed for this seminar,the handbook includes:

  • specific strategies for extending your students’ writing
  • assessment ideas to reduce your paper load
  • new student-interactive rubrics
  • daily warm-ups you can use to reinforce skills development
  • models for writing instruction and literary analysis
  • ready-to-use vocabulary development lessons

Meet and Share
This seminar provides participants a wonderful opportunity to meet and share ideas with other educators seeking practical ideas for enhancing their writing programs.

Consultation Available
Mary Ledbetter will be available at the seminar to answer questions regarding the unique needs of your own English/Language Arts program.

On-Site Training Guarantee

BER is not a booking agency that just finds a presenter who presents on the topic you requested. Rather, we only recommend highly experienced BER presenters who have consistently received outstanding evaluations from educators attending their trainings.

Consequently, we provide a strong program guarantee.

We guarantee you'll be fully satisfied or you'll owe us nothing after your on-site training event.

Bring this seminar to your school or district!

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