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Strengthen Your Students’ Learning by Using the Latest Brain Research

(Grades K-8)

Presented by Deborah G. Estes
Nationally Recognized Trainer

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Specifically Designed for Educators Serving Grades K-8

  • Dozens of practical classroom activities and strategies that improve student achievement
  • Key techniques to help your students focus on, understand and retain what they are taught
  • Powerful ways to maximize student learning with easy-to-use strategies that motivate all learners
  • Expand your teaching repertoire with a wealth of brain-compatible instructional techniques

Practical Ideas and Strategies

This seminar has been designed to help you increase your students' achievement across all areas of the curriculum by utilizing the latest research on the human mind and memory. Debbie will share information and model techniques that will be highly effective in strengthening the learning of your students in grades K-8.

Any educational program can be enriched and strengthened with the proven, interactive strategies shared in this seminar.

Throughout the day the emphasis will be on practical, highly effective techniques that can be implemented immediately in your own K-8 classroom.

Ten Key Benefits of Attending

  1. Plan Instruction to Maximize Your Students' Learning
    Plan instructional strategies that will help your students to better process and retain information… Add activities that will lead to greater success for your students
  2. Practical, Classroom-Proven Strategies
    Highly practical strategies for making learning easier and more effective… What the latest research says about effective instruction
  3. Proven Memory Strategies that Work!
    Creative techniques and strategies based on brain research that will facilitate learning… How to help your students develop "hooks" to increase long-term memory
  4. Help Students Focus and Pay Attention
    Outstanding techniques for increasing learning by using strategies that help students better focus on their learning and pay greater attention during your instruction
  5. Incorporate Effective Visual Strategies
    Practical ideas for using visuals, graphic organizers, mapping, and webbing to help your students learn and retain information… Utilize what we know about the brain and visual strategies
  6. Add Powerful Auditory Strategies
    Successful techniques for using rhyme, rhythm, music, and storytelling to increase motivation and comprehension… The most effective ways to use peer teaching and tutoring in your lessons
  7. Integrate Role Play and Simulations
    Purposeful activities to enhance learning and achievement… Practical ways to integrate simulations, role plays, drama, and games
  8. Tips for Planning the Most Effective Lessons
    How to structure your lessons to maximize and optimize the learning of your students… Using the latest brain research to plan activities that will lead to greater success for your students in grades K-8
  9. Incorporate Practice Techniques that Work
    Outstanding practice activities that will reinforce your instruction… Learn which activities help and which hinder
  10. Increase Learning by Helping Your Students Make Connections
    Innovative strategies that help students make connections between new and previously learned material… Practical examples and techniques

Outstanding Strategies You Can Use Immediately

  • How to utilize the latest brain research to strengthen your students' under-standing and retention of what they are learning
  • Effective strategies to help students really pay attention
  • Ideas for using the power of rhyme, rhythm, music, drama, storytelling, and games to strengthen motivation and memory
  • Powerful ways to increase student understanding through the use of simulations and role playing
  • What two "hooks" will help your students remember information
  • Brain-compatible strategies to deliver the most effective lessons
  • Key elements of effective, memory-enhancing practice activities
  • Practical ways to help your students process and retain new information
  • Techniques that enable you to optimize your instructional time
  • How to utilize a wide variety of visual strategies to increase learning
  • Proven methods that result in stronger mental connections between new and previously learned material
  • Numerous and varied strategies to broaden and extend your teaching repertoire
  • Practice activities that will increase learning

A Message From Your Seminar Leader

Dear Colleague:

We are going to have to use our brains more and more effectively in order to survive in a world of growing knowledge and information. As educators, we are responsible for the growth of young brains as well as keeping those dendrites growing for us.

You will learn how to use the latest research in practical ways to enhance student achievement in your classroom. Among the topics will be how the brain learns, the importance of making connections, the two "hooks" to learning, and numerous interesting, practical, brain-based learning strategies that you can take back to your own classroom and school environment.

I would like to personally invite you to attend the seminar. Come and find out how to apply the latest brain research for keeping our brains healthy and active, which can directly impact our lives as educators; and even more significantly, the lives of our students. The more we understand about how brains grow and function, the more equipped we will be to create a learning environment that is challenging, exciting and productive for ourselves and our students.

Throughout the day, we will focus on how you can enhance your students' learning by utilizing the latest brain research.


Deborah G. Estes

P.S. You'll leave with practical strategies you can immediately implement in your own classroom.

Who Should Attend

Educators serving Grades K-8: Classroom Teachers, Special Education Teachers, Title I Staff Members, Reading Specialists, Gifted Education Teachers, Instructional Assistants, and Administrators.

Special Benefits of Attending

Extensive Resource Handbook
Each participant will receive a copy of the extensive resource handbook specifically designed for this seminar. Included in the handbook will be:

  • numerous examples of brain-compatible strategies
  • projects, activities and simulations that are ready to use
  • blackline masters of course overheads
  • an extensive bibliography and lists of resources and Web sites

Meet and Share
This seminar provides a great opportunity for participants to meet and share ideas with other educators interested in incorporating the latest brain research into classroom instruction.

Consultation Available
Deborah will be available at the seminar to discuss your questions and the unique needs of your own program.

On-Site Training Guarantee

BER is not a booking agency that just finds a presenter who presents on the topic you requested. Rather, we only recommend highly experienced BER presenters who have consistently received outstanding evaluations from educators attending their trainings.

Consequently, we provide a strong program guarantee.

We guarantee you'll be fully satisfied or you'll owe us nothing after your on-site training event.

Bring this seminar to your school or district!

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