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Enhancing Instruction for Gifted Students Through Project-Based Learning

(Grades 2-8)

Presented by Mary Hennenfent
Outstanding Teacher and Presenter

Specifically Designed for Educators Serving Grades 2-8: Classroom Teachers, Gifted Education Teachers, Resource Teachers, Reading Specialists, and Administrators

  • Innovative and practical strategies for implementing project-based learning to provide advanced learning opportunities that are more challenging for your gifted students
  • Project-based teaching methods designed to help gifted students with 21st Century skills in collaboration, innovation and perseverance, while simultaneously meeting (and exceeding) state standards
  • Engaging low-tech and high-tech project ideas that provide sufficient rigor, while allowing individual creativity to fuel student success
  • Dynamic tools and techniques for formative and summative assessment to monitor proof of mastery of curriculum
  • Receive an extensive resource handbook filled with project-based learning models, activities and resources that can be put to use immediately

Practical Ideas and Strategies

In today’s classroom, increasingly more expectations are placed on classroom teachers to deliver instruction that provides appropriate levels of challenge for advanced learners, while also addressing the needs of all students within the classroom. The question arises: “How can we help gifted students acquire the 21st Century skills they need to perform at a significantly different depth and pace and still provide appropriately challenging lessons for all students at mixed ability levels?” A veteran teacher, Mary Hennenfent, has designed this NEW seminar on project-based learning for gifted students, to help you answer this important question.

Regardless of whether you are new to project-based learning, or have some experience with its implementation, this new seminar will help you efficiently plan, manage and assess student projects. By learning to include gifted students in the decision-making process, they will take ownership of their learning and become more self-motivated. You will also be provided with a wealth of practical strategies that promote student success through the enhancement of their ability to collaborate with peers and self-monitor their study skills. By creating an environment of acceptance and cooperation, you will then be free to focus on challenging the intellect of your gifted learners.

You will leave this fast-paced seminar with a host of innovative, classroom-proven ideas for engaging students who are gifted in academic and social arenas through project-based learning.

Ten Key Benefits of Attending

  1. Differentiate Your Existing Curriculum for Gifted Students with Project-Based Learning
    Learn dozens of strategies and ideas for effectively incorporating project-based learning into your existing curriculum in order to better meet the diverse needs of your gifted students
  2. Challenge Your Gifted Students with Motivating Projects
    Discover how project-based learning – when done effectively – will provide your gifted students with the opportunity to develop perseverance and study skills by challenging them with a rigorous curriculum
  3. Assist Your Gifted Students in Learning the Skills They Need for Success
    Experts say that problem solving, collaboration and critical thinking are essential skills for surviving the tumultuous years of the 21st Century … Learn how project-based learning will incorporate these necessary skills into daily classroom practices
  4. Plan and Manage Project-Based Learning Effectively and Efficiently
    Learn timesaving techniques for planning projects that provide a rigorous learning environment while engaging students through their personal affinities … Easy-to-implement ideas for managing and monitoring student progress
  5. Use Technology and Project-Based Learning Together to Increase Learning for Your Gifted Students
    Discover the synergistic effect of using technology and project-based learning together in your classroom … Realistic strategies for using easily accessible technology to extend and enrich project-based learning for your advanced learners
  6. Take the Tedium Out of Assessment
    Involve your gifted students in the assessment process by working with them to develop monitoring plans and assessment rubrics for their projects … Concrete methods for providing your gifted students and their parents with clear and concise evidence of progress
  7. Help Your Struggling Gifted Students Find Success
    Learn how project-based learning can capture the interest of many of your “difficult” yet gifted students … Specific strategies to help these students work successfully and cooperatively in a project-based learning environment
  8. Accelerate Content Instruction Through Project-Based Learning
    Discover how to turn the variety of levels of learning into an asset by using project-based learning … Powerful ideas that will help all your gifted students achieve maximum success
  9. Learn How to Teach Students to Ask Good Questions
    Students need to learn to ask interpretive questions in order to lead them into utilizing higher levels of depth of knowledge (DOK) … Proven ways to teach your students how to do this
  10. Receive a Valuable Resource Handbook
    Each seminar participant will receive a resource handbook packed with practical ideas, methods and readily available resources

Outstanding Strategies You Can Use Immediately

  • Dozens of specific strategies for incorporating project-based learning into your existing curriculum for gifted students
  • How to differentiate instruction and truly challenge gifted students through project choices and expectations
  • Powerful ideas for using readily accessible technology in project-based learning environments
  • Management techniques for keeping gifted students on track while avoiding the pitfalls of independent work time
  • Concrete ideas for using technology for the management and assessment of project-based learning
  • Ways to use rubrics with gifted students to objectively assess progress and gain student endorsement
  • Timesaving organizational tips for an effective project-based learning environment
  • How to design motivating projects that will capture the attention of all your gifted students
  • Creative strategies for developing the social skills of your gifted students through project-based learning
  • Specific strategies to foster collaboration and consensus between students while working on a project
  • Practical ideas for establishing routines that facilitate project-based learning
  • How to create a culture of accountability with gifted students
  • Powerful ideas for promoting gifted students’ abilities to make decisions and reach closure
  • Practical strategies for increasing motivation, respect and responsibility in your gifted students
  • How to build a learning environment where all gifted students thrive

A Message From Your Seminar Leader

Dear Colleague:

Students today will face problems and challenges in their careers that we cannot begin to imagine. Workforce leaders stress the need for productive individuals who are flexible yet critical thinkers and can work in collaboration with others. As educators of gifted children, we have the opportunity to provide our students with the social skills necessary to work on group projects. We can also challenge their problem-solving abilities in a way that connects to the real world.

Project-based learning is an excellent way to meet this goal. Students are highly motivated by problems that make them perplexed. They need to take the time to think and make meaningful discoveries. Problem-based learning is a transferable process that spans curricular content. During this seminar, we will explore three different ways to implement project-based learning using an inquiry approach. We will discuss how to plan, manage and assess a variety of projects. We will also explore a strategy to help students learn to work collaboratively. The use of problem-based learning encourages students to learn independently if we as educators provide the appropriate scaffolding strategies. I will also share a wealth of projects I have done with students and projects that students have generated.

I look forward to helping you recognize the challenge you can provide your students through problem-based learning. As students learn the process, they can transform and accelerate curriculum in a collaborative manner with you, their teacher. There is no greater gift we can give a child than the ability to be an independent learner.

Mary Hennenfent

P.S. This will be a seminar with many practical ideas you can use in your classroom tomorrow!

Who Should Attend

Educators serving Grades 2-8: Classroom Teachers, Gifted Education Teachers, Resource Teachers, Reading Specialists, and Administrators.

Special Benefits of Attending

Extensive Resource Handbook
Each participant will receive an extensive resource handbook specifically designed for this seminar. Included in the handbook are:

  • Innovative and engaging ideas/models of project-based learning that meet the intellectual and social needs of gifted students
  • Practical techniques for planning, managing and assessing projects
  • Ready-to-use black-line masters of forms for immediate use in planning, management and assessment
  • Collaborative techniques for including students in the planning and assessment processes in order to create ownership of learning
  • A wealth of creative high-tech and low-tech project ideas that foster student interest
  • Specific tips for helping “difficult” yet gifted students work successfully in a rigorous academic environment
  • Ideas to foster social skills through projects that teach collaboration with peers
  • Ideas for implementing the effective use of technology
  • Extensive bibliography of resources

Meet and Share
This seminar provides an excellent opportunity for participants to meet and share with other educators interested in strengthening their programs for gifted and high-achieving students.

Consultation Available
Mary Hennenfent will be available at the seminar for consultation regarding your questions and the unique needs of your own program for gifted and high-achieving students.

On-Site Training Guarantee

BER is not a booking agency that just finds a presenter who presents on the topic you requested. Rather, we only recommend highly experienced BER presenters who have consistently received outstanding evaluations from educators attending their trainings.

Consequently, we provide a strong program guarantee.

We guarantee you'll be fully satisfied or you'll owe us nothing after your on-site training event.

Bring this seminar to your school or district!

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