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Using Tools that Students Love to Make SCIENCE Come Alive

(Grades 6-12)

Presented by Mary Anne Butler
Award Winning Science Teacher and National Presenter

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Specifically Designed for Science Educators Serving Grades 6-12

  • Highly engaging instructional techniques to repurpose the learning space and time in your secondary science classroom
  • How to use the best assessment tools for secondary science classrooms including screencasts, infographics, avatars, apps, and more!
  • Ideas for strategically grouping students to accelerate student learning and improve collaboration
  • Discover techniques to improve the quality of student discourse and critical thinking in the science classroom
  • Explore gamification in the secondary science classroom and teach for mastery
  • Learn strategies to address your State Standards and the New Generation of Science Standards

Practical Ideas and Strategies

Are you looking for new, innovative tools, strategies, ideas, and activities to grab and maintain your students’ attention? Have you considered using the Internet and other technology resources, but have not found the time to sort through all that’s available and then decide what to use and how to use it? Mary Anne Butler has done the work for you! In this one-day, action-packed, seminar, designed just for grades 6-12 science teachers, Mary Anne will give you dozens of practical, creative, classroom-proven strategies that will get your students involved and excited about science.

You will learn unique techniques to get your students to use the tools they enjoy to retain and connect the key concepts that will greatly increase their understanding of and achievement in science. Mary Anne will also share ways to flexibly group students, differentiate lessons, use the flipped classroom method for instruction, and engage all your students, even the most reluctant ones. In addition, she will address ways to meet the reading and writing your State Standards for science.

You won’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity to greatly enhance your teaching of science!

Ten Key Benefits of Attending

  1. Boost Students’ Motivation and Confidence in Science Using
    Tools They Love

    Learn the latest, best, research-based strategies to increase student interest in science and raise achievement in your science classes
  2. Utilize Innovative Technology Tools and Internet Resources
    Use highly effective tools to engage students in science through the use of applets, games, simulations, case studies, infographics, and apps for devices
  3. Differentiate in Ways that Make Sense
    Discover manageable strategies to differentiate content, process and assessment within your science classroom ... Create opportunities for students to demonstrate evidence of their understanding of science content that tap into their strengths
  4. Increase Student Learning by Gamifying Your Class
    See how gamification will allow you to teach for mastery and motivate students to access the science content in your classroom
  5. Explore Innovative, Flexible Grouping Strategies to Increase Student Participation and Retention of Key Science Concepts
    Explore various grouping strategies to maximize student collaboration and cooperation ... Discover ways to group students that will lead to active discussions and problem-solving to improve learning and retention of key science concepts
  6. Team-Building Activities to Expand Student Thinking and Problem-Solving
    Innovative ideas for using a team-building model in your science class that will develop students’ abilities to problem solve and discuss scientific ideas that lead to a deeper understanding of science content ... How to use a team approach to build 21st century skills
  7. Strategies to Improve Student Competence in Science Content
    Plan lessons that give students opportunities to take responsibility for the direction and depth of their learning ... Dynamic strategies to help students think and work like scientists and scientifically literate citizens
  8. Address the Reading and Writing State Standards in Your Science Class
    Learn reading and writing strategies to make science content accessible to all your students ... Expand reading and writing opportunities in your science class
  9. Extend and Enrich Your Existing Curriculum to Incorporate the New Generation of Science Standards
    Challenge your students with innovative, problem-solving activities and lessons ... Specific lessons and ideas to help students learn and apply key science concepts to real problems they find relevant
  10. Receive an Extensive Resource Handbook
    You will receive a resource handbook packed with unique ideas, engaging projects and effective teaching strategies you can use immediately in your grades 6-12 science classes

Outstanding Strategies You Can Use Immediately

  • Best and latest tools, strategies and activities to get your students excited about science
  • Ideas for a flipped or blended classroom to restructure how students work and learn within your science class
  • Cost-effective science Internet resources to motivate students to participate meaningfully in class
  • Plan motivating and relevant science lessons your students will enjoy
  • Actively engage all your students in science with inquiry-based lessons, warm-up activities and investigations
  • Guide your students to a deeper understanding of key science concepts using problem-solving strategies within a team structure
  • Ideas on how to incorporate and strengthen students’ 21st century skills within your science class
  • Practical strategies to incorporate reading and writing into science
  • Expand your repertoire of science lessons and activities that demonstrate real-world connections to your students
  • Easy-to-use assessment ideas that encourage student autonomy and goal-setting in science classes
  • Flexible grouping ideas to increase meaningful group work in your science classroom
  • Dozens of ways to interest and motivate students while building their confidence and competence in science

A Message From Your Seminar Leader

Dear Colleague:

As a fellow science teacher and science enthusiast, I am proud to share winning resources, tools and strategies to interest and motivate your students to excel in grades 6-12 science classes. I have designed this seminar to give you dozens of ideas and activities on how to increase student engagement, motivation and performance in your science class. We will discuss ways to maximize student autonomy, competence and self-esteem – all leading to the acceleration of student achievement.

Save valuable time as I give you numerous lists of the most innovative resources, such as:

  • Websites, applets, simulations, and case studies to bring science alive in your classroom
  • Ways to use the flipped or blended classroom for restructuring how students work and learn best within your science class
  • How to use the inquiry model of instruction to build independence and encourage students to take responsibility for their learning

These resources are proven to increase students’ enjoyment of science and awareness of the relevancy of science in their own lives.
In addition, throughout the day we will discuss:

  • Grouping strategies that increase student participation in discussions that will lead to a deeper understanding of science concepts and processes
  • The valuable focus of reading and writing in science
  • Tips and techniques I have used in my own classroom to help all students access science content
  • How to alter and vary reading and writing assignments to ensure student success and achievement in your science classroom

Regardless of the science content you teach, you will leave this seminar with a plethora of ideas, resources, tools, and strategies to increase learning for all your students. Come join your colleagues and me to get re-energized and ready to return to your classroom with a toolkit you can use immediately!

Mary Anne Butler

P.S. You will also receive an extensive resource handbook I have designed specifically for this seminar to help you implement the ideas and lessons immediately in your own grades 6-12 science classroom.

Who Should Attend

Designed for Science Educators Serving Grades 6-12.

Special Benefits of Attending

Extensive Resource Handbook
Each participant will receive an extensive resource handbook specifically designed for this seminar. The handbook includes:

  • Specific ideas and activities you can use in your science classes
  • Resources to use in your science program
  • Lesson ideas based on real, contemporary issues
  • Cost-effective and relatively free technology ideas
  • Reading and writing strategies for science

Meet and Share
This seminar provides a wonderful opportunity for participants to meet and share ideas with other educators seeking practical ideas to enhance their grades 6-12 science program.

Consultation Available
Mary Anne will be available at the seminar for consultation regarding your questions about the unique needs of your own science program.

On-Site Training Guarantee

BER is not a booking agency that just finds a presenter who presents on the topic you requested. Rather, we only recommend highly experienced BER presenters who have consistently received outstanding evaluations from educators attending their trainings.

Consequently, we provide a strong program guarantee.

We guarantee you'll be fully satisfied or you'll owe us nothing after your on-site training event.

Bring this seminar to your school or district!

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