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Strengthen Your Instruction in Second Grade:

Practical, Research-Based Strategies
You Can Use Immediately

New Seminar Presented by Cindy Merrilees
Outstanding Second Grade Teacher and National Presenter

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Specifically Designed for Second Grade Teachers

  • Dozens of practical, research-based instructional strategies to accelerate the achievement of your SECOND GRADE students
  • Increase the reading skills of your second grade students with skill-based lessons that meet students at their level
  • Using children’s literature to motivate and excite students about reading and writing
  • Motivate your students to write more and with greater success with easy-to-use lesson ideas and tips for organizing your writing time
  • Differentiate your reading instruction to meet the needs of all your SECOND GRADE students using the key components of guided reading
  • Working smarter, not harder to maximize learning in your SECOND GRADE classroom
  • Demonstrations, displays and an extensive SECOND GRADE teacher resource handbook filled with outstanding classroom-proven strategies

Practical Ideas and Strategies

In this outstanding NEW seminar, Cindy Merrilees will present dozens of cutting-edge, practical ideas that will help make your SECOND GRADE classroom the best it can be. Cindy will model research-based strategies and techniques that are designed to motivate second grade students and increase their academic success. As an experienced second grade teacher, Cindy knows firsthand what works and what doesn’t. She has designed this seminar specifically for second grade teachers, with every idea and strategy applicable to second grade classrooms.

You will leave with a wealth of new ideas, new perspectives, proven management strategies and a resource handbook full of materials to help you put these outstanding ideas to work in your own second grade program. If you teach second graders, you won’t want to miss this unique opportunity!

Ten Key Benefits of Attending

  1. Incorporating Current, Research-Based Strategies to Accelerate the Academic Success of Your Second Grade Students
    Innovative and ready-to-implement strategies to strengthen your instruction and increase the achievement of all your second grade students … Practical, research-proven methods and techniques
  2. Differentiating Reading Instruction to Better Meet the Needs of Second Grade Readers
    Ways to use guided reading to differentiate reading instruction to help all your students increase their reading skills … Specific strategies for struggling, developing and more fluent readers
  3. Strengthening the Reading Skills of Your Second Graders
    Practical, ready-to-use strategies for using read‑alouds, shared reading and guided reading to strengthen all your second graders’ reading skills … Specific ideas for decoding, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension
  4. Implementing Literacy Centers to Actively Engage Your Second Grade Students While You Work with Small Groups
    What do you do with the rest of the class when you are with small groups? Learn outstanding, classroom-proven literacy center activities that build skills and increase the time students spend on real reading and writing
  5. Building Vocabulary – The Key to Reading Comprehension and Writing Skills
    Specific, easy-to-use vocabulary strategies to help your second grade students develop and build their vocabulary in order to better comprehend what they read … Vocabulary ideas that can be incorporated into your reading materials, perfect for second graders
  6. Making the Most of Your Second Grade Writing Time
    Dozens of timesaving strategies to organize and plan your writing instruction to better meet the needs of all your second graders … Using the Four Square method and other frameworks to help your students move from teacher-directed instruction to independent writing while providing the support they need to be more successful writers
  7. Motivating Your Second Grade Students to Write More
    Ideas to get your second grade students “turned on” to writing … Tips for keeping your daily writing time productive, meaningful and exciting for all your writers from the struggling to the more proficient
  8. Working Smarter, Not Harder
    Timesavers and shortcuts to help you plan and organize your instruction more efficiently … Daily and weekly sample schedules to help maximize the limited time you have as a second grade teacher
  9. Using Children’s Literature in Your Second Grade Classroom
    Numerous titles that are perfect for second grade students … Discover new titles and favorite classics that you and your second grade students will love
  10. Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!
    Outstanding sample lessons, materials and ideas, all designed just for second grade classrooms … Each participant will receive an extensive second grade teacher resource handbook filled with ideas and strategies

Outstanding Strategies You Can Use Immediately

  • Research-based, cutting-edge methods to accelerate the achievement of your second graders
  • Instructional models and ideas to help you work smarter, not harder, in your second grade classroom
  • Practical ways to differentiate your guided reading lessons when working with second grade readers with diverse reading abilities
  • Creative ways to schedule – sample daily and weekly schedules
  • Specific ways to teach vocabulary to your second graders to increase their reading comprehension
  • Managing and using literacy centers to build second grade reading skills
  • Children’s literature perfect for second grade students
  • How to make the most of your limited reading and writing time
  • Numerous ideas for engaging second grade students in authentic writing to increase their skills and motivate them to write more
  • Publishing ideas that are easily managed
  • Writing ideas that work for struggling second grade writers as well as more fluent writers
  • Specific before, during and after reading strategies to strengthen your second graders’ comprehension
  • Effective ways to get the most from your daily read-alouds
  • Simple and practical tips for teaching your students to spell correctly in their daily writing
  • Using the Four Square writing method in second grade
  • Dozens of classroom-proven and teacher-friendly strategies designed specifically for second grade teachers
  • Innovative, NEW instructional strategies to strengthen your SECOND GRADE classroom program

A Message From Your Seminar Leader, Cindy Merrilees

Dear Colleague:

Teaching second grade is an exciting and extremely rewarding experience, yet also very challenging at times. Some students come to us reading, while others are still developing and require specific support in order to help them become readers and writers. As second grade teachers, we are responsible for keeping their energy and eagerness to learn alive, while helping and pushing them to the next level. What strategies and techniques work best for second grade students and how can we keep their enthusiasm to learn alive and growing?

I have designed this seminar specifically with SECOND GRADE teachers and students in mind. Every activity, idea, strategy, and lesson is classroom proven and second grade tested. Throughout the day, I will cover reading and writing strategies that are specific for second graders and their needs. I will share ways to accelerate their learning in real, meaningful ways. We will cover numerous, timesaving management tips and lesson ideas that will have the most impact on second grade students while saving you hours of planning time. All the strategies and activities are ones that I have used with second grade students and really work!

Whether you are a new or highly experienced second grade teacher, you will leave this seminar with dozens of classroom-tested and research-based strategies that you will be able to immediately use in your second grade program. Please join me for an innovative and fast-paced day that will help make your second grade program the best it can be!


Cindy Merrilees

P.S. This day will be packed with ready-to-use, practical ideas and activities ideal for SECOND GRADE, along with an extensive SECOND GRADE resource handbook.

Who Should Attend

Second Grade Teachers, Instructional Aides, Special Education Teachers, Title I Staff Members, Multiage Teachers and Specialists who work with Second Grade Students, and Administrators.

Special Benefits of Attending

Extensive Resource Handbook
You will receive an extensive second grade resource handbook specially designed for this seminar. Included in the handbook are:

  • innovative ideas specifically designed for second grade classroomsspecific ways to increase second grade students’ reading and writing skills
  • sample schedules, lessons and strategies just for second grade programs
  • resources to help you work smarter, not harder as a second grade teacher

Materials on Display
On display will be sample materials that demonstrate the strategies taught in the seminar.

Consultation Available
Cindy Merrileeswill be available at the seminar to answer questions and discuss the unique needs of your reading program.

On-Site Training Guarantee

BER is not a booking agency that just finds a presenter who presents on the topic you requested. Rather, we only recommend highly experienced BER presenters who have consistently received outstanding evaluations from educators attending their trainings.

Consequently, we provide a strong program guarantee.

We guarantee you'll be fully satisfied or you'll owe us nothing after your on-site training event.

Bring this seminar to your school or district!

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