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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

David Olinger is a National Board Certified teacher, Adobe Education Leader, and Microsoft Showcase leader who is passionate about collaborating, developing, and delivering meaningful future-ready learning experiences. With nearly 20 years of experience at the secondary level, David has taught a range of secondary courses, has led school-wide digital classroom transformation, and has developed and implemented SEL programming.

David has built a strong reputation as an innovative teacher who knows how to help educators to enhance the student learning experience. David focuses on creative and practical ways to develop student communication, collaboration, critical and inventive thinking so they can become self-directed learners, active contributors, concerned citizens and confident persons. Whether they are learning online or in-person, your grades 6-12 students' learning will be transformed by David's technology integration strategies.

Join David for a day full of learning and leave with the extensive digital resource handbook, Making Best Use of the Microsoft Suite – Teams, OneNote, Stream, and MORE – to Enhance Content Learning (Grades 6-12), written specifically for this seminar.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Dave's step-by-step instructions and creative uses of technology have given me immediately applicable ideas for my students as well as the collaboration I do with my colleagues."

"Dave is knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about integrating technology in effective, meaningful ways."

"Dave's ideas for how to best use technology has changed the way I will teach!"

"Dave's experience and knowledge has bridged the gap between the academic world and the tech world. It is clear he has the daily experience of teaching in a virtual setting to draw from."