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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Margo Kinzer Courter is a speech-language pathologist, author, international expert and presenter on topics related to language and academic success. She is passionate about helping school-based SLPs identify language acquisition, differences and disorders for the appropriate identification of a language disorder for ELs. She works with a team that trains and supports teachers and reading specialists for English Learners with language disorders and specific learning impairments in literacy.

She is also the author of Language Disorders vs. Language Differences for English Language Learners, the extensive resource handbook you will receive at the seminar.

Join Margo for this idea-packed seminar, filled with numerous practical strategies and interventions to help English Learners.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Margo exceeded my expectations. It was clear that this topic is a passion of hers. I leave today with a deeper technical knowledge but also with a huge bag of practical exercises that I can apply right away. I highly recommend this seminar!"
– Ana O'Neill, SLP

"Engaging full-day training! Margo's resources were top-notch and she was clear and knowledgeable throughout. Truly one of the best professional development opportunities I've had in a LONG time! Thank you so much!"
– Merissa Waddey, SLP

"Highly valuable content for SLPs working with EL students. Margo's resource manual is one I will reference over and over again! Thank you, Margo, for a wonderful session!"
– Olivia Nikitich, SLP

"I loved this seminar! Margo provided many helpful and practical strategies that I am excited to use."
– Denise Lydon, SLP

"Phenomenal seminar! The content and overall presentation exceeded my expectations. Great resources!"
– Kirsten Myers, SLP

"This was an excellent seminar that provided hands-on, practical information to help me better serve my students and district."
– Mirjana Jasnic, SLP

"Margo did a wonderful job covering the language areas and providing research-based, practical ideas for assessment and therapy for SLPs and teachers."
– Yvonne Nohos, SLP

"Great content and practical ideas! I loved Margo's examples and she displayed great knowledge and an eagerness to share as much information as possible. Can't wait to use what I have learned today! "
– Angela Alicea, SLP