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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Kathy Perez is an acclaimed teacher and national presenter who specializes in practical instructional techniques and creative approaches to teaching students with learning disabilities. She integrates effective strategies and research with passion and insight from her own experiences as a special education teacher. Her innovative and interactive seminar is loaded with teacher-tested materials and activities you can use immediately and share with others.

As a dynamic presenter, she has the experience to guide both novice and veteran teachers through an informative day filled with research-based instructional strategies that specifically target students with mild-to-moderate learning disabilities.

Kathy knows firsthand the daily challenges teachers and students face and will give you dozens of ways to address those challenges with your own students.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

I loved every minute! I came away with 3,552 wonderful ideas. Kathy inspired me to try to meet all of my children at their level. Thanks for all the hands-on activities and resources.”
– Jill Meade, Second Grade Teacher

“Kathy Perez kept everyone very engaged and presented many great strategies that I will use in the classroom.”
– Christie Baglio, Fourth Grade Teacher

“Super! I learned so many strategies that I can easily use every day!”
– Mandy Probst, Special Education Teacher

“Great presenter! I learned more than I could have hoped for. I love having tons of resources to take back to my classroom.”
– Amy Tibedeau, Teacher Consultant

This was the most hands-on workshop that I have attended. I am inspired to get back with my students and share the wealth. Kathy is great. I’m a better teacher because of her.”
– Lisa Lauritzen, Special Education Teacher

Very inspiring, easy, quick strategies that I can’t wait to put to use!”
– Amy Fitzsimmons, Teacher

This was extremely informative. I learned a lot of strategies and look forward to sharing with other teachers. There were lots of great techniques to use.”
– Eryn Kaplan, Fourth Grade Teacher

“Kathy was very enthusiastic and provided many ideas and strategies that I will use in my own classroom.”
– Jared Sawyer, Fifth Grade Teacher

Kathy was such a positive and energetic presenter. Her ideas were great and I look forward to putting them to use on Monday morning.”
– Kathy Attilio, Inclusion Teacher

“An excellent seminar with easy, hands-on strategies to use in your classroom.”
– Yolonda L. McClain, Fourth Grade Teacher

Kathy Perez is a high energy, excellent instructor. I am walking away energized and excited about going back and employing the strategies she gave us.”
– Charlene Chapman, Fifth Grade Teacher

“This workshop was extremely beneficial and informative! Kathy Perez was very knowledgeable in her field. I learned a great amount of practical strategies and techniques to use in my classroom!”
– Melissa Castely, Special Education Teacher

Kathy was highly motivational! She is very passionate about teaching. Each strategy that she used I could find a way to relate it to my classroom. I will be using the new strategies I learned – tomorrow!”
– Lisa Collins, Elementary Japanese Teacher