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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Tommy Whalen is a dedicated teacher with over a decade of experience in Grades 6-12 English, Social Studies, and Instructional Technology. He has been involved with all forms of media and has worked on everything from short films to Hollywood productions. After working in the studio film industry, he discovered a passion for teaching and began his career as a secondary teacher. Tommy brings his significant and highly practical multimedia experience to his students, school community, and to all the ELA and Social Studies teachers who attend his innovative seminars.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Tommy offers a unique learning experience with his content knowledge in ELA, Social Studies, and multimedia. It's very different from any training I've ever attended. I can't wait to try what I've learned!”

“The presenter was highly organized and the information he supplied was useful and doable. I left with many practical ideas I can try right away.”

“I love how Tommy got everyone involved and made everyone feel included while he brought us on this journey as an innovative educator. It was unique and very cool!”

“Tommy has an extensive knowledge in film, audio, multimedia, digital tools, etc. You can tell he speaks from passion and experience.”

Rock star performance. Loved this seminar!”

Tommy is both witty and passionate about making teaching more relevant and interesting. You can tell he truly enjoys teaching and sharing all he has learned in the multimedia industry and the classroom.”