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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Annemarie Johnson is an outstanding presenter, literacy consultant, writing specialist, and teacher. Working with teachers and students in grades 3-6, she models the key components and best practices for teaching developing writers the skills they need to meet the requirements of your state standards in writing. Annemarie is known for presenting highly practical, research-based strategies that can be used immediately.

Her seminars are fast-paced and idea-packed. She is the author of Meeting Your Rigorous State Standards for OPINION/ARGUMENT WRITING (Grades 3-6), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. Join Annemarie for a day filled with innovative ideas and practical writing strategies that you can easily implement in your own grades 3-6 classrooms to help all your students meet your state standards for writing.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Very practical and usable strategies! It is nice to have all these ideas along with the literature and website. I don’t have time to research authentic ideas that will have meaning to my students.”
- Sandy Lipps, 5th Grade Teacher

Great hands-on, valuable activities!
- Michelle Miller, IST

“Annemarie made the challenge of teaching to write feasible through organized strategies. I can see myself successfully using these ideas in my classroom!”
- Maria Beck, 4th Grade Language Arts Teacher

“I can’t wait to head back to my school to try all these wonderful writing techniques. I am eager to share my newly acquired knowledge with my colleagues!”
- Michelle Stehle, 4th Grade Teacher

Very informative! Loved getting up and trying Annemarie’s activities throughout the day.”
- Becky Vicicondi, 3rd Grade Teacher

“So many great strategies and ideas! Thank you!”
- D. Lisa Rizzo, 3rd Grade Teacher

This seminar taught me how to structure my teaching of opinion writing for my 5th graders. They’ll enjoy it too!”
- Charlotte Kelly, 5th Grade Teacher

Hands-on, encouraging seminar filled with valuable resources! Thank you!”
- Deborah Gaskins, K-5 Teacher

“Annemarie shared such great ideas for practical use in the classroom. Well presented!”
- Jim Ferry, 5th Grade Teacher

I will be able to apply everything I learned today in my classroom!”
- Roshni Shah, 4th Grade Teacher

I’m walking away feeling motivated to try new strategies in my classroom. I look forward to sharing this information with my colleagues.”
- Karen McDougall, 4th Grade Teacher