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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Dr. Deborah Estes is an experienced teacher, administrator and national presenter who knows how to make every presentation highly effective, motivating and seriously fun! She often presents at national conferences as well as working with educators at the state and local levels.

Her seminars are filled with highly effective practical ideas for making powerful presentations, as well as interactive activities and modeled strategies. Deborah knows the keys for making each presentation engaging, persuasive and tailored to the needs of every audience.

Deborah is the author of Practical Strategies for Making POWERFUL PRESENTATIONS (Grades K‑12), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. It is packed with valuable tips, planning models, resources and inclusion activities you’ll want to use in planning and delivering your future presentations.

Designed for educators who want to enhance their presentation skills, this dynamic, new seminar will show you how to understand the needs of each audience, tailor your remarks to meet those needs, actively involve participants throughout your presentation, and make the most positive impression possible with every group you work with.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“A very valuable day! Deb introduced me to so many new tools to make my presentations more effective. I’m really eager to try them!”

“What a gift! Thanks for sharing your expertise. There are so many valuable tips and tools you’ve given me for sharpening my presentation skills!”

“Deborah is such a tremendous resource! She models the techniques for giving powerful presentations throughout the day and makes it seem so doable!”

“Thanks for your great ideas, suggestions and insights. This will have a tremendous impact on my effectiveness!”

“Spending the day with Deb is like magic. I learned so many valuable things and had such a great time doing it. Thanks so much!”

“Your enthusiasm for making powerful presentations is contagious! Thanks so much!”

“I needed this seminar! I know it’s going to make a big difference in the way I work with every group!”

“Thank you for a wonderful, upbeat day! I have so many useful strategies to enhance my presentations!”

“Everything about this seminar is practical, focused and so worthwhile. Well done!”

“This seminar is truly worthwhile! Deborah earned my respect and gave me so many new ways to improve my communications with others!”

“What a pleasure to learn from someone who really knows the essential ingredients for making effective presentations!

“Thanks for the clear explanations and creative tools!”

Don’t miss this seminar! It has changed the way I will plan and present every presentation I make!”