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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Andrew Sharos is a passionate and experienced secondary social studies/history teacher who continually keeps student success at the core of his practice. As an early adopter of technology, he has been innovative in his own classroom. Andrew is a highly engaging presenter who infuses real-world experience and humor along with key best practices to create a presentation that is not only engaging, but also practical and easy to implement upon return to your classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Andrew was very knowledgeable and engaging. I have so much information to take back to my school.”
- Mary Rivera, Teacher/Dept. Chair

“I enjoyed the quick look at the number of tools but I really liked that we were given a number of ideas on how to use them in the classroom.”
- Kyra Newman, Teacher, Social Studies

Awesome ideas with lots of variety and a range of possibilities! Great showcasing of materials used in the classroom. Andrew is a very good presenter, easy to listen to and clear.”
- Mike Hall, Teacher

“Wonderful information. Can’t wait to get back to my class to try some of these out!”
- Rod Howe, Social Studies Teacher

Excellent! Will try several ideas. Very useful.”
- Sandy Sample, Social Studies Teacher

Excellent speaker with great ideas. I can’t wait to try some in my classroom.”
- Melissa Pate, Teacher

“The resources presented are exciting and seem reasonably accessible. I appreciate the encouraging words to jump into it.”
- Misty Carter, Social Studies/ELA

“What a great 21st century seminar - Andrew, you gave me a ton of resources I can use right now. Much appreciated!”
- Sid Pierce 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher

“Excellent! Well worth the cost.
- Melody Young, Teacher

“I gained a lot of great info from this seminar. I will be adding several of your ideas. Thank you very much!”
- Kim Plemmons, US/World History Teacher

Andrew is very knowledgeable and made everything very easy to understand. I really enjoyed all the material and am looking forward to implementing the new technology in my classroom.”
- Laken Miller, 6th Grade Science and Social Studies Teacher

“This is the best seminar on how to create engaging lessons with the help of technology. I found so many of the ideas helpful and exciting! I am so excited to introduce these innovative techniques in my 8th grade social studies classroom! Thank you!”
- Katie Lakebrink, 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher

“I was blown away by the presentation. Andrew does a tremendous job keeping you from being overwhelmed by the amount of info and giving you great real-world examples.”
- Ben Diggle, Teacher