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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Judy Lynch is a highly experienced grades K-2 teacher, reading recovery teacher and a national reading expert. Using her master’s degree and reading specialist credentials, Judy has taught in schools with large populations of children with ethnic and language diversities. Her passion is helping all children become successful readers.

She is also the author of five popular professional books for Scholastic: Easy Lessons for Teaching Word Families (1998); Word Learning, Word Making, Word Sorting, 52 Lessons for Success (2002); Making Word Walls Work (2005); First Grade in Photographs (2009); and First Grade Writer’s Workshop (2013). In addition, she is the author of Practical Strategies to Help Every Student Succeed with State Standards in Reading: INFORMATIONAL/NONFICTION SKILLS (Grades K-2), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

Judy is a dynamic speaker, known for her high energy and infectious enthusiasm. Her ideas are exciting and innovative, yet highly practical. She not only demonstrates key strategies, but also shows videos of real classrooms to help you more effectively visualize key strategies you’ll want to use with your own diverse grades K-2 students.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Judy’s tips and strategies are great! I can’t wait to begin implementing them with my 2nd grade students! The way she presents everything is easy to understand and that will make it easier to use!”
- Safa Muhanna, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Judy provides great information on reading informational/nonfiction skills for K-2. The handouts are exceptional with great practical ideas!”
- Joyce Eldridge-Howard, Educational Consultant

“Judy is very enthusiastic in her delivery of the knowledge she possesses. The materials will certainly be used since they are practical and useful. It’s nice to have a complete handbook rather than papers in a folder.”
- Beatrice Holley, Academic Mastery

“A great day! Judy provides a wealth of ideas!”
- Edith Bowser, Kindergarten Teacher

Excellent seminar! I learned a lot. I now have an expansive repertoire of activities and strategies to use with informational texts. Thank you!”
- Jennifer Ackroyd, 1st Grade Teacher

“Awesome seminar! I have ideas for the rest of the year as well as new beginnings for next year.”
- Catherine Geors, 2nd Grade Teacher

Very engaging! Lots of great ideas! Practical and informative!”
- Fran Otto, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Thank you! This is very valuable to me. Judy is very methodical and organized and covers every inch of the handbook.”
- Heather Baraga, First Grade

Wonderful, practical strategies that I can use in my classroom tomorrow! Thanks for a great day!”
- Karla Domier, 1st Grade Teacher

“Lots of wonderful, simple ideas; it validates what I have done and how to weave standards into what I presently do.”
- Debbie Hearrell, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Thank you so much, Judy! It has been quite some time since I have attended a workshop full of ideas. You have made it enjoyable and reinvigorating!”
- Rosa Luz Garcia, Teacher

“Thank you so much for all of the fresh ideas in leading small group activities. I look forward to implementing these strategies. Judy is fun and so enthusiastic. I really enjoyed the seminar!”
- Haley Shimizu, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Thank you for an informative and useful seminar. I will definitely use the creative ideas presented today. I especially appreciate Judy’s display samples!”
- Elaine Anderson, Teacher

“Thank you for ALL the great strategies! I look forward to trying them!”
- Ana Ruiz, 1st Grade Teacher