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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Carolyn McMahon is a high-energy teacher with years of experience in early childhood and kindergarten classrooms, and as an elementary school librarian. She is a sought-after national presenter who is known for her interactive and highly practical seminars. She is the co-author of several books including the Wee Can series and materials used in classrooms throughout the United States, as well as Students Who Start School Behind: Powerful Strategies to Increase Success (Preschool-Kindergarten), the extensive digital resource handbook you will receive. Carolyn's wealth of experience, passion for young learners, and sense of humor are evident in her seminars. Carolyn's commitment to the philosophy of "hear it today, use it tomorrow" is a key element in this fast-paced seminar that will re-energize your own passion for teaching our young students. Join Carolyn for this thought-provoking, practical seminar. You will leave the seminar with an understanding of the readiness gap and with proven strategies that you can implement tomorrow to reach those students who come to school already behind.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Very enjoyable. Carolyn kept us engaged."
Angela Gray, Teacher

"I appreciate Carolyn's passion for early childhood education and I love all of the resources and ideas she shared."
Amy High, ESE/SLD Teacher

"Thank you Carolyn for your time and making everything so relevant for our littles! Play-based learning is the best for them, we as educators know that!"
Joy Boston, Kindergarten Teacher

"This was one of the best PD sessions I have attended! It was full of wonderful ideas and ways to incorporate play into the day while including academics!"
Carly Elwell, Kindergarten Teacher

"Absolutely amazing strategies that I can use right away. Carolyn was a fabulous presenter. She made the day go by quickly with such great information."
Jennifer Lawrence, Literacy Strategist

"Carolyn was engaging and shared wonderful ideas that I can take back to my classroom today! I would definitely attend another one of her seminars."
Krystal Isringhausen, Interventionist