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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Brandon Petersen is an energetic, experienced early childhood/kindergarten teacher who has a clear passion for working with young students. In addition, he has extensive experience in helping students build the foundational skills they need to succeed in meeting state standards in both literacy and math.

Brandon’s presentations are clear, fast-paced and activity-packed. You will leave with a wealth of new ideas that you can easily implement in your own classroom as well as renewed confidence in working with your own students. Brandon will share dozens of outstanding tips, tools and lessons that have proven highly effective in stimulating young children’s interest and excitement about reading and mathematics. He is known for his easygoing style, his ability to clearly explain new ideas and his strong belief that each student can succeed.

In addition to his teaching and training, Brandon is also the author of Practical Strategies for Preparing Your Pre-K and Kindergarten Students to Meet Your State Standards in Literacy and Math, the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar, along with access to Brandon’s website which is continually updated with new materials and resources. His seminars are fun and packed with ideas, tips and tools you can use immediately in your own classroom. He will keep you thinking, moving and actively involved throughout the day as you gain new ideas for teaching the literacy and math skills your students need to succeed on your state standards.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Great ideas! What an enthusiastic presenter. I’m taking back a lot of valuable ideas that I can use!”
- Noreen Suddic, Kindergarten Teacher

Excellent strategies to incorporate literacy and math skills into play! Awesome!
- Carly Quinlan, Early Childhood Teacher

So glad I was able to attend! I got a lot of great ideas to use with my children and share with my colleagues!
- C. Ramirz, Pre-K Teacher

“Brandon presented useful, creative ideas and even made the learning standards exciting!”
- Andrea Banks, Pre-K Teacher

“Wonderful! This seminar has inspired me and given new life to my classroom program!”
- Annie Conner, PK Teacher

Very, very practical ideas! Thanks for sharing your amazing website, Brandon!”
- Myrna McCune, Preschool Special Education Teacher

Great ideas that will be fun for our students!
- Claudia Jimenez, Educator

I learned so much! I’m eager to return to my classroom and colleagues to share these ideas and resources!”
- Franaise Thompson, World Language Chair

Fantastic seminar! I can’t wait to implement all the ideas I’m taking home with me!”
- Kristin Gage, Master Teacher

Phenomenal ideas! I’m feeling really inspired!”
- Lindsey Williams, Preschool Teacher

“Brandon is an amazing presenter with great enthusiasm! I’m looking forward to using his website!”
- Claudia Connolly, Special Education Pre-K Teacher

Some amazing ideas that I can use tomorrow! Thanks, Brandon!”
- Karyn Johnson, Kindergarten Teacher