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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Lindsey Shannon is an enthusiastic, engaging and knowledgeable presenter who is passionate about teaching mathematics for deeper understanding. Experienced as a classroom teacher, math coach and teacher trainer, Lindsey has worked extensively with regular and special education students, ESL students, classroom teachers, and math coaches in her school and district. Lindsey knows the challenges of teaching mathematics for understanding to all learners and has successfully implemented guided math groups in classrooms throughout her career. Lindsey is the author of GUIDED MATH: Differentiate Your Math Instruction Using Small Groups, Math Journals, Centers, and Whole Group Strategies (Grades K–2), the extensive digital resource handbook she has written specifically for this seminar.

Lindsey's seminars are extremely practical and filled with innovative, research-based strategies that you can use immediately in your own grades K–2 classrooms to mold confident and competent mathematicians.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Excellent presenter! Lindsey is well organized, knowledgeable and friendly. One of the best seminars I have attended."
Jeanna Nance, Kindergarten Teacher

"I loved this seminar! I feel like I could take these strategies back to my school and use them right away."
Bonnie Rowan, K-5 Math Coach

"Lindsey is fantastic! I was planning on getting the concept of math groups started and I feel like I have a good idea how to!"
Kim Lusch, 1st Grade Teacher

"I feel at ease getting ready to implement guided math groups in my classroom."
Julie Johnson, 1st Grade Teacher

"I really enjoyed this seminar! There were so many ideas to help build independent thinkers."
Kelly Swayze, Kindergarten Teacher

"Excellent presentation. I will be implementing three differentiated groups on Monday. Great resources!"
Julie Warum, Teacher

"Great presentation! Well planned-out and very informative. Many, many ideas to use in the classroom the very next day."
Christina Gill, 1st Grade Teacher