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IRV LUBLINER, an avowed mathematics enthusiast, is an outstanding presenter and teacher who has shared his ideas with thousands of teachers across North America. With over 30 years of math teaching experience in grades 7-12, he shares activities and strategies that have been tested in his own algebra classes.

Irv is in great demand at conferences and workshops and has served as a consultant for teacher training programs. He has authored numerous articles for math journals, and is the author of Practical Strategies for Strengthening Your Students’ Learning of ALGEBRA Concepts (Grades 7-12), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. Irv is known for the high level of energy he brings to both his classroom and his seminars. His presentations are fast-moving, highly enjoyable and packed with humor.

You will leave his seminar with dozens of strategies you can put to use immediately in your own algebra and pre-algebra classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Instructor

Excellent presentation! Great ideas I can take back and use in my classroom tomorrow!
– Michelle Gisclair, High School Algebra Teacher

I really enjoyed Irv’s enthusiasm! I can’t wait to use the ideas he shared.”
– Linda Schmidt, High School Math Teacher

Great personality and energy. Many super ideas specifically for math which usually seems to be so hard to get from most professional development trainings.”
– Shannon Rice, High School Algebra Teacher

Awesome! I learned so much. I can’t wait to go back to school and use the material. Thanks for a great job!”
– Cherie Bourgeois, Math Teacher

Superb! I gained not only a lot of practical ideas but also a new enthusiasm for teaching algebra!”
– Rebecca Kurtz, Algebra Teacher

Irv is a very high-energy person. The examples, problems and ideas come in rapid succession, which keep you engaged in every moment. Great day!”
– Julie Ludangi, High School Math Teacher

Irv had high energy and kept my attention all day. He has a way of making algebra easier to relate to our students’ lives. He shared many tricks to catch the attention of students.”
– Heather Schultz, Junior High Math Teacher

Irv is an excellent speaker who really knows today’s students. I look forward to implementing the strategies that he taught us.”
– Sue Allen, Grades 7-8 Math Teacher

Fantastic seminar with a myriad of fun, practical ideas. This is my second time participating in Irv’s seminar and I’ll come back again!”
– Mary Hoffman, Math Teacher

As a teacher of twenty-six years this seminar rejuvenated me in my approach to teaching algebra to my students.”
– Dean E. Clark, High School Math Teacher

Irv was excellent! I would recommend this to every math teacher. I’ve been looking for this type of class for 8 years!”
– Abigail Weiner, Middle School Math Teacher

Well done! Rock solid, concrete stuff to use! Thanks!”
– Dave Gillis, High School Math Teacher

Irv has helped me to add more tricks to my bag. These ideas will certainly make math less forbidding to my students! I can teach concepts with a different approach.”
– Cathy Bachisin, High School Math Teacher