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Lee Anne Coester loves teaching math and loves to connect with others who have chosen teaching as a profession. Her experience as a classroom teacher, Title I math teacher and classroom math coach have allowed her to fill a mathematical treasure chest of ideas and suggestions - built on actual classroom experience. She will share math fact fluency, whole number, fraction and decimal computation, 2D & 3D geometry, estimation and number sense, and measurement concepts. Problem solving, as the overarching theme, will be addressed throughout. Come prepared to stay engaged as Lee Anne’s seminars reflect her teaching style with participants actively involved and walking away with dozen of new ideas and strategies!

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Great presentation! Lee Anne gave many awesome ideas! I’m excited to use the strategies in my classroom tomorrow!”
- Angelique Salcedo, Teacher

“Lee Anne is personal and practical! I’m leaving with so many commonsense lessons and easy-to-use materials. Her enthusiasm is evident and contagious!”
- Rachel Augspurger, 4th Grade Teacher

Many useful ideas I can use in my own classroom! Lee Anne really knows her stuff! Thank you!”
- Cecilia Zarcone, K-5 Math AIS

Well paced and organized! I gained tons of ideas to take back to my classroom. I love that Lee Anne included so many activities with materials that are readily available. Thank you!”
- Carla Licastro, 4th Grade Teacher

So refreshing to attend a seminar that provides ideas I can implement in my own classroom right away!”
- Sue Anne Nagle, 5th Grade Teacher

One of the best seminars I have ever attended! Great hands-on activities and involvement for all levels!”
- Ruenell McRae, 3rd Grade Teacher

So awesome! I cannot wait for my students to try the activities!”
- Kathie Cook, 5th Grade Teacher