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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Gale Pukall is an experienced primary classroom teacher who advocates and incorporates literature and writing in her daily math lessons. She is a National Board Certified Teacher who designs her lessons on the NCTM Standards and uses a variety of strategies to increase her students’ success with basic math facts.

She is the author of Keeping Students Actively Engaged in Math Activities While You Teach Small Groups (Grades K-2), the resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. Her seminars are fast-paced and full of practical, classroom‑tested strategies that are easy to implement in any K-2 classroom.

Join Gale for a day filled with innovative and practical ways to increase your students’ understanding and use of emergent math skills and concepts.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“This seminar was wonderful. I got a lot of great ideas that can easily be implemented in my classroom.”
– Jennifer Balogh, 1st Grade Teacher

“Wonderful and practical ideas that are easy to implement and fun for students.”
– Chen-Chen Jiang, Kindergarten Teacher

Instructor was funny, handled questions well and was realistic. She knows K-2 students well. Her handbook was very helpful – a practical tool for us to use!”
– Caitlin Dean, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Thank you for so many wonderful ideas. I can’t wait to try them out with my students!”
– Jackie Coates, 1st Grade Teacher

“This was awesome! I love Gale’s ideas!
– Nicolle Gross, 1st Grade Teacher

“Gale provided wonderful activities that I can hardly wait to get back and try with my students!”
– Valerie Rafey, 1st Grade Teacher

“So wonderful! This was pertinent, practical and very inspiring. Thank you, Gale!”
– Mary Sak, 2nd Grade Teacher

“I was given some great practical ideas that I can take back and use right away!”
– Nancy Corder, Teacher

“I loved the new and inventive games we were able to explore! These are things I can take to school tomorrow and show everyone!”
– Jessica Brockway, K-3 Teacher

Really well done seminar. I got a lot of great ideas!”
– Jennifer Harris, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Wonderful stories and hands-on activities. I loved everything. What a great presenter!”
– Aadrian Thomas, Math Coach