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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Gary Eisenberg is an energetic, highly enthusiastic presenter who conducts workshops and seminars across the country in addition to being a current primary classroom teacher. He has taught kindergarten, first and second grades, as well as combination and multiage classes. Regardless of the grade level he teaches, he always has students with a wide range of ability and interest in learning mathematics. In over 30 years of teaching, Gary has discovered and developed outstanding materials and instructional techniques to help all students master the skills they need - including those who struggle with math as well as those who need extra challenges.

In addition to developing math resources that are currently used by hundreds of primary teachers throughout the country, Gary is the author of Helping ALL Students Be Successful with MATH: Struggling Students, Highly Capable Students, Students with Special Needs (Grades K-2), the extensive math resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. Participants in Gary’s seminars consistently mention his warmth and enthusiasm, as well as his fast-paced, idea-packed sessions filled with dozens of practical activities you’ll be eager to use immediately in your own grades K-2 classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“This seminar gave me wonderful strategies I can use in my own classroom with struggling students as well as those who need to be challenged. Thanks, Gary!”

Lots of terrific ideas, very enthusiastic, and great examples. Just the inspiration I needed!”

“Wonderful! One of the best seminars I’ve ever attended. Every minute was worthwhile!”

“Gary is an energetic, knowledgeable presenter! Thanks for the super ideas for reaching every student in my classroom!”

“This was a great hands-on seminar that gave me valuable ideas for addressing the diverse needs of my students!”

“Thank you for pointing us in the right direction to help our kids. The tips and resources you shared are invaluable!

“Gary is such a tremendous resource and an inspiration! Spending the day with him has greatly increased my confidence about teaching mathematics!”

Thanks for your great resources and giving us the chance to see how to use them with our own students! A very valuable day!”

“Gary’s enthusiasm for using exciting math tools, games and resources is contagious! Thanks so much!”

“I needed this seminar! I would never have believed that teaching math can be so much fun and so easy with the tools I learned about today!”

“Everything about this seminar is practical, teacher-friendly and easy to implement. Well done!”

“I love the ready-to-go strategies and tips that Gary shared with us. I know I’ll use them!”

“Great ideas! A very valuable day!”

“What a pleasure to learn from someone who works with kids every day in his own classroom and knows how to meet their diverse needs!”