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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Kristen Large is an enthusiastic and engaging presenter with a wealth of classroom and field experience. Kristen has spent years in the classroom working with groups of at-risk students in addition to serving as a Title I reading specialist. Most recently she has been involved in the RTI planning and implementation process and has firsthand knowledge of the power of RTI interventions at Tiers 1, 2 and 3 and how to implement highly successful RTI models. Currently, Kristen is working with Tier 3 students where she has seen remarkable progress.

She is passionate about the difference RTI can make for students and teachers. With her active participation and daily implementation of Tier 3 interventions, Kristen has a wealth of ideas and strategies to share with you and your school team. You will find her seminar highly practical, interactive and filled with strategies and ideas you can use immediately in your own RTI program.

You will also receive RESPONSE TO INTERVENTION: Practical Tier 3 Reading Interventions that Work for Your Students Who Struggle the Most (Grades K-6), the extensive resource handbook Kristen has developed specifically for this seminar.

You will leave this fast-paced seminar inspired by Kristen’s creativity and enthusiasm, along with a wealth of practical, highly effective strategies you’ll be able to use immediately with your own Tier 3 struggling readers.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Super! Kristen’s presentation and ideas were so applicable to every day teaching!”
- Rita Gaskins, Grades 3-5 Resource Teacher

“Thank you so much for all of your wonderful ideas and enthusiasm! I can use these ideas tomorrow in my classroom!”
- Angie Wolfe, Title I Reading Teacher

“Kristen was very interesting to listen to and she gave me many ideas that I can take back to my classroom right away. I appreciate the CD with all of the forms and information for us to use!”
- Jenna Schneider, Reading Specialist

“Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! Your knowledge of practical interventions is fantastic. I truly can’t wait to start using them myself!”
- Ashlee Tillard, Special Education Case Manager

“Kristen’s presentation was very active, well-planned and to the point. She is motivating and very realistic!”
- Paula Brake, Reading Specialist

Excellent training! When I’m able to take what I’ve learned and immediately apply it to my classroom, I consider it a very successful training!”
- Kathy Brown, Special Education Teacher, K-2

“This is the first RTI seminar I’ve attended that has activities to do in the classroom! I like the fact that Kristen is an actual teacher and is so knowledgeable about what to do.”
- Beth Montfort, Resource Teacher, 3-5

“This is one of the best seminars I’ve attended! Kristen is energetic and has so much information to share. I can’t wait to use the activities I’ve learned!”
- Amy Todt, Reading Specialist

“An excellent seminar! Thanks for the useful strategies. I plan to implement many of them tomorrow!”
- Amy Cornman, Special Education Teacher

Very informative! I can use many of the activities in my self-contained class during group time for my struggling readers.”
- Susan Devereux, 2nd Grade Teacher

“Thank you so much! What a great day and a great seminar! I loved Kristen’s enthusiasm!”
- Linda Williams, Title I Reading Teacher

Excellent ideas and strategies! I loved the handouts!”
- Anita Chilton, Title Reading Teacher