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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Liz Walhof brings her years of expertise as a world language teacher to her role as Director of Technology to help teachers at all levels “translate” technology tools into practical use in the classroom. Experienced in working with middle school and high school world language students as well as adult learners, Liz thoroughly enjoys sharing her practical ideas, tips and tools for using the best available technology to support quality learning in today’s world language classrooms.

In addition to her experience as a world language teacher, Liz has created and taught numerous professional development courses for her colleagues, earning their praise for knowing the needs of teachers as well as having the ability to help them integrate technology into their instruction. Liz is also the author of Using Apps, Mobile Technology and Other Effective Technology Tools to Enhance Student Learning in the World Language Classroom (Grades 6?12), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

Recognized as an expert in technology integration to support learning, Liz is a frequent presenter for national and international organizations. Her interests include creating sustainable learning, building learning systems, anywhere?anytime learning, supporting educational leaders, and facilitating the development of 21st century skills in students and teachers.

Participants in Liz’s seminars find them engaging, practical and highly valuable, with a wide variety of applications for immediate use in the world language classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“This has been the most helpful seminar I’ve ever attended! I received so many great ideas and ways to use technology in my lessons!”
- Ashley Brewer, Latin Teacher

“I’m leaving this seminar 100% more confident! Liz’s teaching strategies are so engaging. Thank you! I want more!”
- Renetta Herndon?Cintron, Spanish Teacher

“I learned so much! Today was a great day, well spent. It was well worth getting sub plans together!”
- Laura Walker, French Teacher

“I’m leaving this seminar very encouraged and excited about using technology more efficiently in my classroom!”
- Andrew Kell, Spanish Teacher

“This is the first seminar I’ve attended where I’ve actually been given time to process the information, use it, and also get help. Thank you!”
- Cindy Lynch, Department Head, Spanish Teacher

“Extremely good seminar! Lots of new knowledge and wonderful ideas!
- Danilo Oviedo, ESL Teacher

“Liz shared so many really interesting apps and ideas I can use in my classes and lessons!”
- Claudia Cordero, Spanish Teacher

Very worthwhile day! I’m leaving with numerous ideas I’m very excited to try in my classes!”
- Jessica Carr, Spanish Teacher, Department Head

“Liz is a great presenter - affable, warm and caring! What a pleasure to learn in such a fun way!”
- Maru Torchik, Spanish Teacher

Extremely helpful! Working with the apps and conferring with Liz and the other teachers was very beneficial!”
- Kaleigh Ruffner, Spanish Teacher

“I’m leaving with a wealth of information and resources! Thank you!”
- Georgeta Georgescu, French Teacher

Very helpful seminar! Inspiring! Thank you, Liz!”
- Christy Joria, Spanish Teacher