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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Ryan Doetch is an enthusiastic presenter, outstanding classroom teacher and an award-winning educator. He understands the power of using iPads to enhance instruction, motivate student learning, and improve student achievement. Ryan uses iPads in his own classroom and spends his free time educating teachers, curriculum specialists, ESL teachers, and administrators from around the world on the best practical ideas for using this innovative technology in the classroom.

Ryan has created and designed presentations that are downloaded and used in classrooms all over the world. He also reviews presentations and apps designed by publishers. Throughout the exciting, fast-paced day, Ryan will share his favorite apps, practical ideas and tips for using iPads in the classroom to support English Language Learners. He will show you how to increase student involvement and engage 21st century learners.

Ryan is author of Powerful iPadĀ® Strategies and the Best Apps for Helping Your ELL Students (Grades K-8), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“I have never met anyone who knows the iPad as well as Ryan; he changed me from a beginner who knew very little, to an intermediate level who can use an iPad to engage and teach English Language Learners, an amazing instructor!”

“The content and ideas of this seminar are awesome! I can’t wait to use these ideas tomorrow!”

“Ryan is so knowledgeable about the iPad and he has incredible ideas and suggestions on how to use your iPad to help English Language Learners.”

“Ryan is a great instructor who is very patient; Ryan really knows the material and goes over it at a pace of the group. He is an outstanding instructor who can really read a groups need.”

“I have to say I love the apps you are using with your students and your willingness to share your materials with us. I just love how you show how to use the iPad as an interactive tool for English Language Learners. I can clearly see why you are an award-winning educator.”

“I never would have learned this much on my own - the day was fabulous!”

“Ryan is an amazing teacher. I can incorporate everything I have learned with greater student engagement.”

“I can’t wait to utilize what I have learned from Ryan and improve my lessons and reading instruction.”

“This seminar was everything it said it was, engaging, practical, useful, interactive, and dynamic! Ryan is one of those presenters who makes every minute worth being there.”

“Ryan did a wonderful job and moved at a great pace, while keeping us engaged. I am looking forward to more of his seminars.”

“This was HONESTLY the best seminar I’ve ever attended! Ryan did a great job showing me which apps are the most engaging and most effective to use with English Language Learners.”

“This presentation will help make my teaching in reading more interactive and engaging. It was great to see a presenter with a high enthusiasm for using the iPad.”

“I attended this seminar to learn about apps and ideas to use with English Language Learners and Ryan’s presentation exceeded my expectations. I learned so much and I can’t wait to go back to school to start using what I have learned.”