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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Marjorie Porter is an exemplary science educator committed to instructional excellence and the creative use of technology to enhance and support student learning. Currently a science teacher who is energetic, innovative and certified highly qualified, she has had a positive influence on thousands of students and teachers. She is known for her expertise, effective teaching strategies and enthusiastic approach to incorporating technology into the secondary science classroom.

Marjorie has presented outstanding professional development workshops both regionally and nationally on a variety of STEM topics. As a participant in Marjorie’sseminar, you will discover how to use mobile devices as a mechanism for encouraging students to investigate the natural world and to foster an interest in scientific research. She’ll demonstrate apps that inspire creativity in applying the scientific process and will showcase activities to engage students in the excitement of science.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to use the iPad and other mobile devices to greatly increase student participation and achievement in your science program.

This lively seminar will introduce you to novel ways to use mobile devices as an investigative tool in science.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Awesome seminar! I learned so much and have a ton to share with other teachers and students at my school. Thank you Marjorie!”
- Rajasree Swaminathan, 7th Grade Science Teacher

“I appreciated the diversity of ideas presented and the focus on science at a middle/secondary level. I have many new ideas to try in my classroom.”
- Peggy Aoki, 7th & 8th Grade Science Teacher

The seminar was engaging and added to my teaching skills with technology. Thank you!”
- Cecilia Caballero Ahumada, Science Teacher

Marjorie did an amazing job! I will recommend this seminar to my colleagues!”
- Colleen Bjorbekk, Chemistry Teacher

Marjorie is an expert in the subject and I am leaving with many valuable ideas. I appreciated her enthusiasm and flexibility.”
- Paul Witzel, Instruction Tech Specialist

Very informative seminar with many wonderful resources to take back and do with my students.”
- Beth Thomas, 7th Grade Science/Math Teacher

“Marjorie shared many resource possibilities and samples of capabilities of the iPad. Thank you!”
- Tim Neuberger, 8th Grade Science Teacher

Wonderful seminar! I learned so much and I am excited to share this information with my department team and my students. Thank you for a very enriching seminar!”
- Sharon Ligon, Science Teacher

“This seminar was very informative and I left with a huge tool box of strategies I can use immediately in my classroom. I cannot wait to get started!”
- Nancy Brown, Science Teacher

Marjorie was well informed on the apps available for science as well as knowledgeable on how to make the apps applicable to the teacher and the students.”
- Mindy Smith, 6th Grade Science Teacher