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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Brad Fulton is a highly experienced and current classroom teacher using project based learning in his STEM instruction. Known throughout the country for motivating and engaging teachers and students, he is a frequent presenter at conferences and schools across the nation and was selected as his state’s educator of the year. Brad is excited to share his ideas and strategies for greatly enhancing your own STEM instruction in this hands-on, fast-paced day where you will gain dozens of ideas you can use immediately! He has co-authored over a dozen books that provide easy-to-teach and content-rich activities for busy teachers, including Significantly Strengthen Your STEM Instruction Using Project Based Learning (K-6), the extensive resource handbook you will receive at the seminar.

You won’t want to miss this day with Brad to discover how you can more successfully implement STEM using project based learning and watch your students increase their achievement, motivation and problem-solving skills in grades K-6!

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Brad shared how to take science out of the textbook and put it into students’ hands. Fantastic!
Ryan Hagen, Teacher

Brad is helpful and funny. I have so many wonderful ideas that I can use in my classroom, and I am excited to incorporate the hands-on projects into my lessons!”
Megan Wood, 3rd Grade Teacher

“I learned a lot of valuable STEM ideas that are immediately useful. Brad kept my attention the entire time!”
Alfonso Garcia, Teacher

“This seminar was the perfect kick-off for implementing STEM at every grade level. Thank you for the extensive resources!” Joanne Harabedian, Principal

“This was a great seminar that touched on so many important areas of the curriculum. I feel more prepared as I continue to implement STEM activities in newer (and less expensive) ways. Thank you!”
Melissa Cash, 4th Grade Teacher

Incredible content! I truly appreciate Brad sharing how his lessons could reach across multiple grade levels. He’s such an enthusiastic presenter and it’s clear he loves his job. I’m looking forward to trying the activities in my classroom!”
Karen Littlefield, Kindergarten Teacher

“What a breath of fresh air! Brad is an inspiring teacher. I can hardly wait to implement STEM in my classroom!”
Jennifer Jukic, Teacher

Brad is an awesome presenter. He provided hands-on activities and materials that I will be able to take back to my classroom and use right away.”
Kathleen Shambaugh, 3rd Grade Teacher

Brad is extremely knowledgeable. He made my first seminar very enjoyable. I am excited to bring STEM into my classroom!”
Amy Bright, Teacher

“Great presentation! Very interesting and engaging. Brad shared how to adapt all activities to multiple grade levels.
Sherine Omar, Math and Science Teacher

Inspiring! It was fun to learn new ways to approach teaching in the classroom. All students will benefit from today’s workshop!”
Susan Westgate, Teacher