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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Lakisha Brinson's passion for teaching and learning has afforded her a plethora of experiences and accolades including 2015 School Library Journal National Librarian of the Year Finalist, Teacher of the Year, STEM Instructional Designer and District Library Coach. As a skilled and well-informed tech guru she has facilitated professional development experiences for educators nationally. An avid reader and student, she researches and stays current on new and innovative educational technologies in an effort to provide the best instructional practices possible for her students and staff.

Lakisha envisions school libraries as student-centered learning hubs that offer resources and support for learners of all ages as well as guidance in developing technological fluency and a place to foster a love for the written word! Lakisha is the author of 101 Best Strategies to Increase the Effectiveness and Impact of your School Library Program, the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. Participants leave Lakisha's seminars inspired and equipped with a wealth of practical ideas and resources to use immediately in their own library program.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"This seminar is awesome with teaching new ideas and giving ideas on how to make a better program."
Whitney Goins, Librarian

"This is a fantastic seminar! I needed to learn how technology will enhance my instruction time. Lakisha has a passion for teaching that goes beyond the students and reaches out to her teachers. Very informative and impressive!"
Harriett Teel, Librarian

"I liked Lakisha's practical ideas I can implement in my library and the time to learn and work with other librarians."
S. Allyson McCombs, Librarian

"Lakisha's seminar was absolutely wonderful! I learned so many great ideas and strategies to take back and implement in my school library."
Monica Aplin, Librarian

"Lakisha provided so many ideas I can work through over the summer to create new lessons."
Dana Altone, Media Specialist

"Lakisha created a very comfortable space and atmosphere. It was great to reflect on where we are and where we want to go."
Kelly Colvin, Teacher Librarian

"I am very excited to return to my school to implement some of the many resources provided."
Kimberly Hunter, Librarian

"Lakisha provided great information!"
Larissa McMahan, Librarian

"I learned so much more than I dreamed of: great ideas, great strategies. Lakisha cares, encourages and motivated me to step up!"
Lisa Caldwell, LMS

"Lakisha's format is highly participatory and I can take back so many ideas and implement them now."
Amanda Counts, Librarian