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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

DEBORAH B. SALYER is an award-winning library media specialist and an outstanding international presenter. She is the California Implementation and Training Specialist for TeachingBooks. Deborah has presented at many state and national conferences, and is the author of numerous books including, What's NEW in Children's Books and Creative, Powerful Strategies to Use Them in Your Program (2022), the comprehensive resource handbook you will receive at the seminar.

Deborah is known for her inspirational message, budget-friendly ideas, and innovative ways for making the most out of the resources you have. Join Deborah for a day filled with practical, easy-to-implement ideas that will highlight the latest, best books available in children's literature and exciting, creative ways to utilize them in your program.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Loved it! I must come to this seminar every year! It inspires so much more of who I want to be as a teacher and librarian!"
Dana Brooks, Librarian

"Amazing seminar! Deborah was full of great books!"
Aubrey Burke, Sped Teacher

"Deborah passes along her mountain of knowledge on all categories of children's booksand resources with not only pleasant flair, but also an unmistakable and contagious passion."
Heather Rich, Title I Teacher

"This workshop is a huge timesaver! Deb does the digging and work that we all wish we had time to do."
Amy Young, Librarian

"As a reading specialist, I cannot give and teach what I do not possess. This seminar was so helpful and inspiring. It truly helps me have the edge on new books."
Anita Manning, Reading Specialist

"This is the one workshop I insist on going to every year! It is invaluable for anyone who reads books to/with students. Not only do I come out with my shopping list for our library, but I also have tons of new ideas and resources for our teachers and students! Deborah is amazing!"
Jennifer Maienza, Library Administrator

"I am blown away by all the information Deborah gave on how to utilize these best children's books in my library program! Wonderful online lists, and suggestions for book clubs, weeding and diversifying my collection!"
D'Nene Luera, Librarian

"This workshop was excellent! Deborah's knowledge of and passion for books is contagious!!"
Ivy Whipple, Teacher

"Great workshop! Thank you for the exhaustive list and online resources. It was such a fun and fast day."
Tonya Kingery, Teacher

"Wow! Finally a PD day that was relevant, interesting, important, and incredibly useful. Thanks so very much! I will be back next year with friends!"
Theresa Cross, Librarian