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About the Instructor – Cindy Miller

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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Cindy Miller is an engaging and enthusiastic national presenter, highly experienced special education teacher, teacher-leader, and educational consultant who is passionate about using a neurodiversity perspective to help students with special needs achieve at higher levels and increase their interest and motivation to succeed in school. She believes that we can create a stronger learning environment by replacing the focus on disabilities with instruction that is centered on student diversity and strengths. She is the author of Help Students with Special Needs Learn More by Teaching from Their Strengths, Not Their Disability, the extensive handbook you will receive at the seminar.

Cindy is known for her dedication and practical approach to reaching diverse learners. Her seminars are fast-paced, hands-on and filled with ideas you will want to try immediately. You will leave this seminar energized and inspired to use her ideas to increase your success to reach all your special needs students and help them see greater academic and social success.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Very insightful information. Made me think deeper as to why students think and act the way they do.”
Robert Eggleston, Intervention Specialist

“Cindy was very engaging and provided a relaxed environment. I learned a bunch of strategies I can take back and apply tomorrow. Thank you!”
Lauren Shearing, Teacher

“I really enjoyed this seminar. Cindy engaged us throughout the day.”
Monica Mondella, Special Education Teacher

“I learned many strategies to help me with my students with ODD, PDD, learning disabilities, and speech and language disabilities. Learning about the brain helped me make better connections in how to improve instruction.”
Mechele Palmiter, 5th Grade Special Education Teacher

Very informative! Lots of great ideas.”
Andrea Baird, Teaching Assistant

“Cindy covered many topics related to special needs and using neurodiversity strategies for the classroom. Very informational, useful day-to-day strategies. Refreshing and useful!”
S. Clark, Teaching Assistant

“I enjoyed learning new, practical strategies.”
Jennifer Jerome, Special Education Teacher

“Cindy shared very realistic strategies. She is positive and fun!”
Daniel Watson, Special Education Teacher

“This seminar was very engaging and the tools Cindy shared will be useful for my classroom.”
Nadra Lipka, Special Education Teacher

“Cindy is a great presenter with helpful ideas! Thanks for a meaningful professional development.”
Julie Christner, Kindergarten Special Education Teacher