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Internationally Recognized Author and Clinician of Stuttering

Dr. Peter Ramig is recognized internationally for his expertise and practical therapy techniques for the treatment of child and adult stuttering. He is a Fellow and Board certified specialist of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and presents seminars at the state, national and international levels. Peter is a professor at the Department of Speech Language and Hearing Services, University of Colorado and directs several stuttering therapy clinics. He has also been active with the Stuttering Foundation of America. As a team member with several internationally respected authorities of stuttering, he and his colleagues have authored materials for the Stuttering Foundation and have developed many educational videos on stuttering that are utilized worldwide. Peter is also a co-author of the widely acclaimed book on stuttering, The Child and Adolescent Stuttering Treatment and Activity Resource Guide, (Thomson/Delmar Learning).

Participants leave Peter’s seminars with a renewed sense of passion for the unique role of speech-language pathologists and a wealth of practical strategies for improving stuttering therapy treatment with children and teens.

What Your Colleagues Say About Peter Ramig

“I truly enjoyed this seminar and left feeling confident that I could implement the techniques provided. A great refresher!” – Laurie Miller, Speech-Language Pathologist

Very informative and helpful. Great vibes of clients.” – Wendy Hansen, Speech-Language Pathologist

“This seminar is very useful. It provided me with strategies that I could walk away with and use with my clients.” – Tana Maxwell, Speech-Language Pathologist

“I have come away with a better idea of therapy strategies. It’s nice to be taught by someone who has been on both sides of the therapy table.” – Kayleen Rodemack, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Great information! Dr. Ramig is easy to listen to. He is easy to follow and is very open to questions. I highly recommend this seminar.– Judy Cox, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Dr. Ramig’s seminar provides concise and concrete information regarding therapy techniques.” – LeAnn Springer, Speech-Language Pathologist

“The videos of therapy techniques are invaluable! Very comprehensive and worthwhile.– Karen Higgins, MA, CCC-SLP

Excellent! I learned so much. Thank you for all the tips and strategies!” – Ashley Evans, Consultant/Parent of Stutterer

“Dr. Ramig provides much more than I expected when I signed up for this seminar His personal experiences and accomplishments helped me better appreciate my clients who are dysfluent.” – Amy Ryder, Speech-Language Support Teacher

“Dr. Ramig has a wealth of knowledge about stuttering. His emphasis on treatment techniques during this seminar is especially helpful to me as an SLP working in the schools.” – Christy Thatcher, Speech-Language Pathologist

“Just what I was looking for! Practical ideas, something to take home. I now feel much more confident in the information I give to parents and teachers!” – Mindy Larsen, Speech-Language Pathologist