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About the Instructor – Lisa Rogers

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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Lisa Rogers is an acclaimed presenter and veteran educator who specializes in working with preschool through kindergarten students who have special needs. With over 20 years of experience in special education and consulting, Lisa is known for her ability to strengthen school programs and bring collaborative teams together as they strive to meet the unique needs of young students with special needs. Lisa is a frequent presenter at local and state conferences and has developed inclusive education training modules with accompanying video. She is the author of Early Intervention Strategies to Help Young Children with Developmental Delays and Challenging Behaviors (Preschool–Kindergarten), the extensive digital resource handbook you will receive.

You'll leave Lisa's seminar with many new, exciting ideas and strategies you can use right away with your preschool and kindergarten students who have challenging behaviors.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"It was awesome to hear or see an answer to every question or situation I could imagine. I enjoyed the options to individualize each tool and resource."
– Jessica Nickless, Teacher Assistant

"Lisa did a super job of keeping the seminar upbeat! I'm excited to use the materials and get to work with my students."
– Katie Batle, Special Education Teacher

"Lisa is fantastic! Great concrete ideas and examples of how to implement the strategies."
– Heidi Donald, School Social Worker

"Lisa is a very energetic and engaging presenter, and she shared many easy-to-implement strategies. Her knowledge and enthusiasm were evident throughout the entire day."
– Karin Pittsley, Preschool Teacher