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Susan Fitzell is a dynamic presenter who is passionate about helping to teach professionals and paraeducators make inclusion work successfully in the classroom without the difficulty often associated with this challenge. With more than 22 years of experience in special education, inclusion, co‑teaching, and extensive experience working with paraeducators, Susan is in demand as a presenter at national, state and district conferences. She fully understands the challenges inherent in an inclusive school and adds her own sensitive and insightful understanding of the issues of inclusion. She teaches practical, effective strategies for success.

Susan is the author of several books geared to helping educators and parents help youth. These titles include Free The Children: Conflict Education for Strong, Peaceful Minds; Special Needs in the General Classroom: Strategies that Make it Work, a comprehensive resource handbook for teachers; Please Help Me with my Homework! Strategies for Parents and Caregivers; and Transforming Anger into Personal Power: An Anger Management Curriculum Guide for Grades 6 through 12. In addition, Susan has also authored Increasing the Success of Paraprofessionals and Classroom Teachers Working Together, the comprehensive resource handbook that each seminar participant will receive.

Susan’s presentations are lively, compassionate and most importantly, practical. Her enthusiasm and creativity keep the seminar fast‑paced and interesting. You’ll leave with many ideas and “how‑to” strategies that are easy to implement by paraprofessionals in the inclusive classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“The overall content of Susan’s seminar is GREAT! I recommend that both paraprofessionals and teachers attend together.
– Trudy Buché, Paraprofessional Facilitator

“I am a special education teacher and it was so valuable for me to attend Susan’s seminar with my paraprofessionals.”
– Diane Moss, Special Education Teacher

“Best seminar I’ve been to! I work with severe/profound, non‑verbal students. I received lots of ideas and tips from Susan’s presentation to help my students.”
– Patt Kramer, K‑12 Paraprofessional

“I can’t wait to use Susan’s behavior management cue card with my students. The personality preference and learning style information she shared will help me both professionally and personally.”
– Austa Midgett, Paraprofessional

“This is a great seminar! I have new teaching strategies to use and a new understanding of how to work with my peers.”
– Dottie Nelson, Special Education Teacher

“Susan shared positive ways to deal with confrontations. I have new ways to give ‘choices’ to students. She is a great presenter!”
– Tricia Gobble, Special Education TA

“Wonderful seminar! I learned new ways to help me, help my students.”
– Mary Harper, Paraprofessional

“Susan’s visuals and her resource handbook are wonderful! I’m motivated to try her techniques to help my students retain information.”
– Bonnie Rees, Special Educator

“Even after 20+ years of teaching, Susan provided me with lots of ‘sparks’ that will help renew my enthusiasm and repertoire of practical strategies.”
– Jan Faimon, Special Education Teacher

“Susan shared great teaching techniques for working with both general and special education students.”
– Pamela Hartfiel, Instructional Assistant

“I can’t wait to use Susan’s checklists and information with my paraprofessional. Great tools for open communication and expectations.
– Jody Petry, 2nd Grade Teacher

“This seminar is great! Susan’s information and techniques can be applied to regular as well as special education – from elementary through high school.”
– Patricia DeRatto, Special Education Paraprofessional