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Susan Fitzell is a dynamic presenter who is passionate about helping teaching professionals make inclusion work in the classroom without the pain and difficulty often associated with this challenge. With over 22 years of experience in special education, inclusion and co-teaching, Susan is in demand as a presenter at district, state and national conferences. She fully understands the conflicts inherent in an inclusive school. The author of Free The Children: Conflict Education for Strong, Peaceful Minds, Susan adds a sensitive understanding of the issues of inclusion and teaches practical, effective strategies for success. In addition, she has developed Successful INCLUSION Strategies and Techniques for DIFFERENTIATING Instruction (Grades 6-12), the extensive resource handbook each participant will receive at the seminar. She has also authored handbooks for parents and teens on study strategies.

Susan’s presentations are lively, passionate and practical. Her enthusiasm and creativity keep the seminar fast-paced and interesting. You’ll leave this seminar with many ideas and strategies that are easily implemented in the grades 6-12 inclusive classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Instructor

“EXCELLENT SEMINAR! Susan presented many practical applications. It was exactly what today’s teachers want from a professional development workshop. I’m returning to my class with new tools to readily improve my instruction!”
– Guy Whitman, Social Studies Teacher

“I hit the jackpot today! Susan’s seminar contained highly useful and effective, new strategies that will work with my secondary students. Kudos to Susan for her excellent research skills … She is a jewel in the field of education!”
– Jennifer Dahle, English/Speech/Drama Teacher

“Susan acknowledged the realities and difficulties we face and gave us practical tools to help the situation. She emotionally empowered us to implement her strategies for success.
– Cristina Balsamá, Foreign Language Teacher

“Susan’s seminar answered my questions and taught me new strategies but most of all … It was motivational!”
– Paula Conroy, Special Education Teacher

“The content presented was relevant and informative.”
– Cindy Wyatt, LD Teacher

“Outstanding seminar! Useful not only for special education teachers but for general education teachers as well. I can hardly wait to get back to my classroom to try some of these new ideas!”
– Keith Stevenson, Science Teacher

“Ms. Fitzell did a great job of providing realistic and useful hints and strategies. The handbook is a great wealth of resources!”
– Laila Richman, LD Strategies Teacher

Real, down-to-earth usable ideas. Susan’s energy and enthusiasm makes teaching the great profession that it is!”
– Vickie Lueckenotte, 6th Grade Teacher

“Best seminar I’ve been to! Susan shared an enormous amount of information/resources and usable strategies. I will be able to incorporate many of the techniques into my curriculum immediately.”
– Janice Love, 7th Grade Special Education Instructor