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Cindy Jones has extensive experience as a teacher of special needs and general education students, a crisis interventionist, a principal of a school for students with behavior and emotional challenges, an at-risk consultant, author, and behavior specialist. In addition, she is an energetic and passionate national presenter specializing in instructional and behavioral strategies and creative approaches for working with students who have attention-seeking and manipulative behaviors that disrupt their own learning, and the learning of other students.

Because of her extensive background, Cindy is able to offer dozens of practical strategies that have worked for her and countless educators in both general and special education settings. Her lively, practical seminars feature cutting-edge, research-based information, engaging activities, and effective strategies that will work for you. You will leave Cindy’s seminar with a new bag of tools for working with the difficult behaviors associated with emotional and behavior disorders.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

Very insightful and practical! I am walking away with many ready-to-use strategies! Thank you!”

“So personal, practical and inclusive! I’m leaving with great ideas to use right away!”

“I learned so much from this seminar. Cindy offered practical ideas for helping my students that I can start using tomorrow!”

“Excellent! I feel very uplifted and excited about trying the great techniques and ideas!”

“Well presented, great resources and tips. Cindy is very engaging, well-informed and obviously has much experience with this topic.”

“Cindy provided information and strategies that were insightful and realistic. I can see myself using them in my own classroom.”

So many wonderful ideas and strategies that I can’t wait to try in my own classroom and share with others at my school.”

Very worthwhile! I have so many new ideas to bring to my school!”

Cindy is a great presenter! She gave terrific information presented in an interesting, accepting and motivating way!”

The examples, strategies and practical ideas have been extremely helpful. Cindy has rejuvenated my excitement for teaching!”