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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Jennifer Leese is an experienced special education teacher who has worked with students with special needs for over twenty years. A dynamic presenter, Jennifer is also an instructional coach, technology leader and a talented national presenter who is known for her innovation, enthusiasm and practical ideas for using technology to differentiate, engage and motivate students with special needs. She is passionate about sharing the best tools, online resources and emerging technology that teachers can use with iPads and other mobile devices to meet the needs of students with special needs.

Jennifer presents at local and national conferences and is actively engaged in developing strategies to use technology to empower students with special needs. In addition, she is the author of Making Best Use of the iPad, Mobile Devices and Other Cutting-Edge Technology Tools to Strengthen Learning of Students with Special Needs (Grades K-6), the extensive resource handbook designed specifically for this seminar that every participant will receive.

Jennifer’s seminars are dynamic, fast-paced and filled with practical, creative and ready-to-use strategies and ideas, all perfect for supporting your students with special needs. You will leave with timesaving tips, tricks and a resource handbook filled with apps, activities and strategies you can use immediately in your classroom - exactly the kind of tools both you and your students will love to use!

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Great seminar! Very user-friendly for all levels!”
- Randye Clarkson, Special Education Teacher

“A very enjoyable, engaging seminar! I’ve learned about so many tools I can’t wait to try at school!”
- Sue Dec, Special Education Teacher

“This could not have been more helpful! Thank you so much for all of the resources!”
- Marian Hazelton, Special Education Teacher

“This seminar was great! So much information I can actually start incorporating right away without a lot of work!”
- Tara Shepson, Reading Specialist

This was a day well spent! Lots of information and great ideas to use with the iPad!”
Marie Block, Speech Language Pathologist

“Thanks for sharing so much useful content! I’m looking forward to exploring all the resources you’ve given me!”
- Sarah Burkholder, Teacher

“Jen is very knowledgeable about how to use the iPad to teach students with special needs. Good resources!”
- Mike Ore, Special Education Teacher

“Jennifer has so much energy and knowledge! I’m excited to use these apps!”
- Kristy Ricker, Special Education Teacher

Excellent, excellent instructor! This seminar was very exciting!”
- Robin Buysee, Title I Paraprofessional

Very engaging! Jennifer really brings the ideas and materials to life!”
- Mark Funk, Speech Language Pathologist

Fantastic presenter! I was completely engaged all day long!”
- Denise Bentley, Intervention Specialist

“What an enormous amount of valuable information! Very beneficial!”
- Lynn Kainer, Special Education Teacher

“No matter what level of technology you’re at, you’ll learn from this instructor!”
- Barbara Hall, Instructional Assistant

“The number of available resources is eye-opening! Jen was entertaining, knowledgeable and helpful!”
- Meg Bryson, Special Education Teacher