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About the Instructor – Susan Fitzell

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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Susan Fitzell is a dynamic presenter who is passionate about helping teaching professionals make co-teaching and inclusion work successfully in the classroom. With more than 20 years of experience in special education, inclusion and co-teaching, Susan is in demand as a presenter at district, state and national conferences. She fully understands the challenges inherent in an inclusive school and adds her own sensitive and insightful understanding of the issues of co-teaching and inclusion.

Susan is the author of several books geared to help educators and parents help youth. These include: Special Needs in the General Classroom: Strategies that Make it Work, a comprehensive resource handbook for teachers, and Paraprofessionals and Teachers Working Together: Highly Effective Strategies for Inclusive Classrooms. In addition, Susan has also authored Best Practices in CO-TEACHING: Increase Your Students’ Success in Meeting High Academic Expectations, the extensive resource handbook that each seminar participant will receive at this seminar.

Susan’s presentations are lively, compassionate and most importantly, practical. Her enthusiasm and creativity keep the seminar fast paced and interesting. You’ll leave with many ideas and “how to” strategies that are easy-to-implement in the co-teaching classroom.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Susan is an engaging presenter who provided powerful strategies and instantly useable strategies. Her experience in the field of co-teaching was clear throughout the seminar.”
- Rose Cavaliere, Special Education Teacher

“Susan was very energetic and a good presenter. I would recommend her seminar to other teachers.
- Alex Potts, Social Studies/Spec. Ed. Teacher

“Susan is a passionate educator who presents real solutions. She taught us 9 different methods of co-teaching, and did this in an entertaining and enlightening manner.”
- Andrea Lurski, Middle School ELA

Excellent presentation! I was engaged and motivated all day. I loved that I could feel comfortable to ask questions and they were answered.”
- Kristine Tramante, Special Education Teacher

“I truly appreciate how this presentation helped to build the bridges through strategies to functionally implementing the co-teaching models. I look forward to supporting my staff and implementing them in the coming school year.”
- Jenny Hurd, Supervisor of Pupil Personnel Services

Lots of helpful ideas and useful activities!
- Mary T. Quinn, Special Ed. Teacher

Very informative and engaging! Looking forward to implementing many of these strategies in my classroom.”
- Cristina Mato, Resource Room Teacher

Great ideas! Susan is very knowledgeable and passionate about co-teaching.”
- Amy McGroarty, Teacher

“Susan did a great job! She is extremely knowledgeable and energetic. The content was well organized and practical for the topic.”
- Deron Brown, Science Dept. Chair

Relevant and engaging strategies that I can use tomorrow!”
- Tiffany Brandt, Intervention Specialist

“I now have an understanding of what co-teaching looks like. I appreciate the lessons I can use in class! Thank you!”
- Anna Winnen, ELA

“I walked away with some really good ideas that will better my co-teaching abilities.”
- Phillip Baioni, Teacher

“This seminar helped clarify the different co-teaching strategies we have as options to implement.”
- John Ramage, Intervention Specialist