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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

Mary Ledbetter is an outstanding teacher, author and highly acclaimed national presenter. She is well known for her fast‑paced and strategy‑packed seminars focusing on helping students significantly improve their writing skills. Given Mary’s wealth of experience as a teacher, she understands the issues teachers face and has developed timesaving and skill-building strategies. She will share her assessment techniques that greatly improve student writing and increase active participation in class.

Mary is the author of many books including: The Writing Teacher’s Activity‑A‑Day; Success Series One; Success Series Two Folders; Writing Portfolios Kit; Ready‑to‑Use Daily Language Skills; along with Strengthen Your Students’ MULTIPLE‑PARAGRAPH Writing While You Significantly Reduce Take‑Home Papers to Read (Grades 3-6), the extensive resource handbook you will receive at the seminar.

You won’t want to miss this outstanding opportunity to get dozens of ideas and strategies you can use immediately with your students to strengthen their skills in writing multiple‑paragraph pieces.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

“Excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed the day, and I am leaving with ideas and strategies I can immediately use. These strategies will dramatically change my classroom and life.

“This is the second time I have attended a seminar in which Mary Ledbetter was presenting. I used what I learned before in my classroom, and now I have more great ideas to use and to share with my students and colleagues!”

I can’t wait to get back to school and implement these new practices! I also look forward to my new life with no papers to grade at home!”

Mary Ledbetter was fabulous! She had well organized, practical information for the classroom. She conveyed a real understanding of the life of the teacher and made us feel empowered.”

This was excellent. The strategies were practical, fun and I absolutely plan on using them. Mary was engaging, honest and obviously experienced, which gave her credibility.”

“I appreciate all of the examples given! Mary demystified writing beautifully! Her passion for writing and teaching were evident throughout her presentation.”

This is the best seminar that I have ever attended. It’s like Mary can read my mind and has faced every problem I face, and she’s already solved them.”

I’m walking away from this seminar with a boatload of practical ideas that I can implement today. Thanks!”

Best and most productive seminar I have attended. Very excited to share with my fellow teachers. Mary Ledbetter MADE the seminar.”

BEST seminar I have ever been to because it was practical, flexible and I feel like I can change the way I teach writing tomorrow.”

“Mary Ledbetter’s enthusiasm and expertise kept the day fun and interesting. I am taking home lessons that I will be able to use tomorrow and in the future. Thanks so much for the humor and respect!”