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About the Instructor – Darla Wood-Walters

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Uniquely Qualified Instructor

DARLA WOOD-WALTERS is an excellent presenter and an outstanding primary teacher. With extensive teaching experience, Darla knows what will and will not work with first and second grade students. Through extensive work in New Zealand and the U.S., Darla has gained insight and knowledge on how to incorporate powerful writing activities into early literacy programs.

In addition, Darla is an experienced staff development specialist, Title I Teacher, Special Education Teacher, and Writing Coach. She is the recipient of a Rotary International Scholarship for Teachers, a Distinguished Educator Award and an Excellence in Literacy Award. She is the author of the extensive comprehensive, writing instruction resource handbook, Catching Up Your Students Who've Fallen Behind in WRITING (Grades 1-2), each participant will receive at the seminar.

Darla's understanding of writing and the dynamics of in-person and online teaching make her seminars highly practical, inspirational and stimulating. You will leave the seminar with a wealth of proven techniques and strategies that you can implement immediately.

What Your Colleagues Say About Your Presenter

"Darla is personable and energetic and has lots of real classroom experience to draw from that makes the information very practical."
Robin Overman, Teacher

"Darla's seminar is one of the best I've attended. Darla helped me understand how to take what I do and tweak it for the most bang for the buck."
Cherise Hall, Lead Teacher

"Darla is very encouraging and helpful. She makes it realistic to classroom teachers."
Liz Cleary, Early Childhood Education Teacher

"Darla gave me a better understanding how to effectively apply these into my lessons."
Breanne Coleman, Teacher